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Updated on Apr 18, 2009
from tianjin dress - moms shoes - from Ebay necklace - From China bracelet
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lish 's Thoughts:

it really makes me wonder if i’m too fair-skinned that i always glow in outdoor photos. this was taken at 6pm btw. i used my 6 year old point and shoot so pls bear with the poor quality. ( standards have been raised when i got my slr)

my dad takes my photos btw..but only managed to take a shot. why? because today, i got into this argument w/ my mom coz she commented on my outfit again, that i’m so OA when it comes to dressing up. oh we went to the mall and she thinks i’m too dressed up everytime we go out; like i’m in some sort of party. my dad chirped in but later told me it’s his fave comment for me. harhar. it’s not my fault i want to look presentable. like i always say “you’ll never know who you’ll meet or bump into”. and btw, i think i look perfectly normal and dressed down. =)

so there we went to the mall and yay topshop mid-season sale! got myself a cute heart bag and a very mini skirt. aaaah..the great feeling of the magical swipe. i still find most of the items too expensive even with 50% off. i can’t make myself’s too painful.hahaha.

Comments (9)

thegirlwhonevertalks on April 26
i love your dress and shoes!! i am really loving pink at the moment, and this is my dream pink outfit :)
aivanmagno on April 25
Cool shoes!!! and dress.. I like how so chinese you look btw. hahaha
Haylilly on April 25
aww dont worry, sometimes parents dont understand! for example, i'd wash my hair and put on nice clothes just to go to the supermarket. because yes, i'd never know who i might bump into. what if i bump into my enemy? at least then i would look nice and she would look like she just woke up. hahaha. i loveee ur pretty dress and your booties. don't worry about what family/friends think :)
runimugi on April 21
Lol, I know the feeling. My mom thinks that I dress too cutesy and dolled up to go out...I don't really get it, I just love cute clothes! Oh well. I think you look darling and people should care about what they wear, style is fun and can reflect the person you are!
ajyums on April 19
oh,i super hate it when people,even family members, criticize the way i dress up.i wish people would just shut their mouth when they have nothing nice to say.rawr.drives me always look super cute!
lish on April 20
i's so annoying! but haha i won't let their negativity change the way i dress up.
happiberry25 on April 19
cute and romantic. Has me thinking of dates in wonderful little places that are hidden from the world.
iheartdresses on April 18
cute cute outfit:) I love the feminine dress and I don't think you look overdressed:) my mother says the same to me, like she thinks i'm going to a party or out somewhere nice yet i'm just staying around home:P but its totally better to be overdressed then underdressed:)
lish on April 19
thanks. i do believe that being overdressed is better. i'd rather be caught all dressed up than be seen in my jammies. XD
libys11 on April 18
i would actually want to be overdressed than underdressed. i dunno why.. but that's just me. hehehe! love your boots! :D
lish on April 19
same here!
ThursdaysChild on April 18
you know, you can never be overdressed. you can feel grungy for being under-dressed, but if you're over-dressed you're just being super fabulous. that's my pov. if I had the energy and creativeness to dress up everyday I would.
lish on April 19
i guess different people have different povs. my mom's not really into dressing up.haha
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