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Updated on Apr 17, 2009
Topshop top - Zara shorts - Topshop shoes
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raleene 's Thoughts:

Many, many thanks to all those who added me as a favorite! Just got to know about the fans section (ahahaa im such a newb) and discovered that people have actually added me. It made my day, thanks guys! XOXO

My gosh the weather is killin me. It’s really hard to put together an outfit every day since I have to make sure that I can move, do my plates/sketches comfortably and still look decent for school. I’m usually in a hurry so that makes it even harder. I have to learn how to plan out my outfits to avoid rushing every day!

38degrees Celsius tonight. agh.

Anywhoo, this is what I wore to scout for a new air conditioning unit with mum a while ago since my dad noticed that afternoons were getting too hot for the electric fans to handle in our dining area. Unbearable weather = irritable tenants. Ha, ha! And to think my family’s usually a hilarious bunch!

AND I got my nails done in a salon for the first time in 3 months today. I usually do them on my own since I’m sooo OC about it, but having someone else do them for me is definitely a sign that my school load’s piling up again. sigh

I used to love summer! Since I’m in a school that’s following a quarterm system, that word is non-existent in my world now.

On a lighter note, lookie! I got myself a new pair of cutout gladiator sandals. Yay! Perfect for the scorching heat. Paired it up with my backless geometric-print top. I love geometric prints and patterns! I think that’s why my designs in school are more angular than everybody else’s (most girls tend to make more romantic and flowing designs).

Oh just a little tidbit about me… My major isn’t Fashion or Photography… I’m taking up Interior Design :)

1st photo: what I wore today
2nd photo: Old photo, the denim skirt and accessories I paired with the top makes it a dressy outfit. I would’ve stepped out in a skirt today but that’s not decent ‘nuff for school :)) it’s seriously a micro-mini skirt (with big holes in front)
3rd photo: closeup of my braids (headband + actual hair lol) and flats :) I’m liking the length of my hair now, I can do more with it!

Comments (20)

urbanchic3 on July 15
wow love the sandals!
Robert on May 11
Great look, specially the sandals. We are looking for girls and women with fashionalbe sandals who reviews their sandals in our page: http://www.thongsandal.com -> Street Fashion. Please ad yours here and share with others how the fit, comfortable. As more people, better ;). This will help everybody to buy sandals over Internet easilier ;) Hopefully see you soon there, Thanks again.
bergol93 on May 05
cooool sandals. this whole outfit is awesome actually.
areeeba on May 01
you are beautiful!! wow 38 degreees, that must be uncomfortable. where abouts do you live? also this top is acee,
raleene on May 06
i live in manila, philippines. well the weather's not bad all the time. it's rainin now and it's 28 degrees celsius. haha!
kimberlyxlucas on April 21
REALLY love the shorts!
missastronaut on April 19
the best glad shoes ive seen!!cute sweater!!
Kay27 on April 19
REALLY love the top! Looks great on you
Willemijn on April 18
I'm in love with the top! And with the shoes!
eatyourtofu on April 18
I saw this in Topshop... but totally did not notice it was backless! I think I want it now :) Oh and I've always wanted to wear braids, but I end up looking like a try-hard pubescent. Ack. You look great as usual :)
raleene on April 19
it was the design that actually caught my eye. then i saw the back, perfect! it's pretty thin so it's good for manila weather :) thank you!
farsprinsesse on April 18
Wow, I looove that top! Topshop really knows how to make these 80's tops so perfect and special..! Very chic!
raleene on April 19
yea and they make it affordable too :)) thanks
WickedPlumVintage on April 18
great shirt! love the back and those shoes are pretty spectacular too!!!
heartbreakkid on April 18
lovely shirt! it's fun :)
yandeli on April 17
love it
libys11 on April 17
omy.. those sandals are the mot interesting gladiators ive ever seen.. something very unique among the others. :D
raleene on April 19
lol i know that's why i felt like they were calling me! i just had to get them. i don't usually wear gladiators :)
cloudo3 on April 17
love the top!
lissakahayon on April 17
I love the backless top!!!!! :)
Shantee on April 17
love the backless top <3
lainelumanog on April 17
love the top!
ishayshaixa on April 17
very cool pictures! and i saw you on the top bloggers of the month. :) congrats ..
raleene on April 17
woah really? no wonder i've been getting lots of emails about people faving me. lol! that's nice :D thanks!
ModaDiva on April 17
Love the gladiators! i'm wearing some bronze one's now...=)
raleene on April 17
We need them for the weather here! hehe no fuss and stylish :)
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