Well dressed college boys...where are they?

Updated on Jul 15, 2008

Comments (18)

dmk on June 03
you're so cute
chica0770 on January 08
aww :) love the dress & shoulder top :)
keely5 on October 24
love your outfits too!
keely5 on October 24
amen to that i think they're hiding...
taghrid on July 29
MariMaria on July 23
it makes me sick everytime i see a boy in the hallways with a hollister shirt ( or similar) , can someone pleasee burn that little bird?...
dalila_elizabeth on July 18
i've always wanted to wear oversized shirts, but i feel like i look dumpy! i'm SO jealous! LOL! it's supa cute!
AnnaBlume on July 17
oooh annabel where are your shoes from? I really NEEd those haha
WorldUgly on July 16
i never told you, but when i was in chicago i visited about 4 walgreens looking for this hat. i mean, i was going in there anyway, but i made a special effort to look for the hat. never found it! though i've bought a similar one since.
annabel on July 17
awwww man!! i remember freaking out when i first saw it and freaking out even more when i saw the price tag..
fashionchalet on July 16
very nice x 2!
Serafin on July 16
check my boys out
thesundaybest on July 16
Look, if a guy wants to throw on a Hollister muscle tee and some jeans that drag on the ground and some flip flops and call that dressed, then dammit - that's his right. Does it matter that he looks like a vagrant surfer? Not if his heart is pure.
audreyyy on July 16
loveeeeeeee lindas cutoff blazer
ratatatnat on July 15
not only where are the well dressed college guys, where are the well groomed ones? Who don't think that drenching themselves in Axe is a replacement for a shower....
thesundaybest on July 16
Listen, everyone knows Axe is a shower in a can. Everyone.
annabel on July 16
ahahah i know someone who does that
lindarrr on July 16
ugh yeah spraying yourself in Axe so that everyone within a 5 mile radius can smell you is not attractive
fashionispoison on July 15
lol i just LOVE the 3rd picture
ejay on July 15
hahahah! linda!!! you're a bad, bad girl.
lindarrr on July 16
:x they'll never know!!
ThereseJane on July 15
How strange - was at Walgreens today and was tempted to buy one, too.
princessMLim on July 15
where u ask? very rare... either they're taken (THANKS Annabel!!! kidding) or they're gay or they're potentially trapped under the misconception that a seagull right across the shirt is fashionable.... :\
lindarrr on July 16
haha you are so right! either taken or gay :(

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