Taking photos for the style gallery

Updated on May 07, 2008

Comments (8)

modgeisha on September 12
love the orange scarf!
modgeisha on September 12
i mean vest hihi!
eclad on April 09
love your scarf
summerkay on February 23
I really like this
donnas_1234 on February 03
Me encanta!!!!
tiny_teesha on August 05
So if a head is blurred later is that ok too?
thislilpiggyflew on July 26
What would you say is the most flattering angle to take a picture? a little angled down? at face height? waist height?
twinrant on July 23
hahaha. i love that bit about heads. Too funny. Well now i know when i look crap ill have to show my "head" and wear sunnies and look down :) ha
Josephine on May 08
nice vest!

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