Updated on Apr 14, 2009
Vain and Vapid on Etsy shirt - H&M jeans - Urban Outfitters shoes - Topshop purs
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ClothesHorse 's Thoughts:

Lately I am very weary of expectations people seem to have for me via my blog. Comments keep arising on how I don’t seem to look “pretty” enough (in one way or another) for some reader or another…honestly, who cares? I don’t see why people come to expect things…makes me understand why Agathe of StyleBytes quit…

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nia on April 22
casual chic! x)
presidentp3 on April 21
great pants and shoes and bag and ring!
stainedblouse on April 19
Those rings are exquisite! And don't stop. I didn't put you as my favorite for nothing!
vro on April 17
Well I think the thing with the expectations is stupid. You know you have a sense of style and your fans here and I mean not everyone has to like it but a lot of people do! There'll always be people against you but don't let to get yourself down cause of them because then you would let them "win" and they would think they're right! You're wearing a nice and comfy outfit and the bag is really cool!
deedoubleyou on April 16
i haven't been on here in quite a while..but i just read your post and it made me :(...who says that? don't listen to them, there's always haters...and you always look good, so clearly they're lying, you have amazing style and talent :)
maggiemay on April 15
agree with you totally, stay true to yourself. that is what fashion is about. stay to what you want and believe. you ARE pretty enough!!
amnesiac on April 15
Nuts to those people--you look rad. I agree with butternut! xx.
ClothesHorse on April 15
Aw, thank you!
butternut on April 15
I love how you make basic outfits look so put together. I think people who take the time to write negative comments are the type of people who need to put other people down to make themselves feel better. Jealousy is an ugly thing.
ClothesHorse on April 15
I kinda agree, but I also steer away from that thought b/c I don't think I'm worth being jealous of! But jealousy is such an ugly thing...it destroys utterly.
cocorosa on April 14
Loveeee this jeans and I told you already how much I love the bag haha :) xoxo
youngbones on April 14
Cute outfit, love the ring! ~L Keep blogging!
KelleyAnne on April 14
Man, it stinks that people are leaving you not-nice comments on your blog. There are so many people who appreciate it though and really enjoy seeing what you put together outfit-wise...if you still enjoy it, you shouldn't give up on it. I hope your determination doesn't fade:)
ClothesHorse on April 15
Thank you! I keep trying to tell myself to "kill with kindness" but I know if I met them in real life things would be different! ;)
crazyirishlass16 on April 14
love the bag and the jeans!!
maiami on April 14
I absolutely love your shoes!
queenelizabeth on April 14
that tote bag is so cute! I understand what you mean about people's expectations, I think readers sometimes take a blog for granted and think it's for their own entertainment...but it's your blog! You can do whatever you want, although I hope you don't stop blogging (even though that sort of goes against what I just said) - you'd be missed! :)
ClothesHorse on April 14
Yes! That is precisely my beef! If they want things to be a certain way they need to write that or make that--this is my perspective, why can't they accept a different view of things??? No worries though, while annoyed at the moment I'm rather too determined to quit!
singingswan on April 14
Very cute outfit, I love the red jeans and your cocktail ring! P.S. Hope you're not too put off by negative comments... keep blogging because people love to see you do your thing!
ClothesHorse on April 14
Thanks! I don't think I'm going to quit...anytime soon.
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