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Updated on Apr 13, 2009
H&M jacket - DIY top - Target kids section pants - high-heeled oxford shoes - My
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queenelizabeth 's Thoughts:

…jeans, that is.
I’m not really sure about these pants. From far away they just look like light-wash boyfriend jeans, but they’re not quite baggy enough to have the right kind of fit. I might play around with the proportions, maybe unroll and taper them (they hit just above the ankle). I really like the blue and white stripes, which I stupidly forgot to take a closeup of, but I just don’t know…I’ll play around with them some more, and if I get tired of them, I’ll sell them on here… ;)

OH AND exciting news (not really), I’m in the process of (re)making a pair of jeans for myself. They’re my dad’s old ripped-up Levi’s that I’m patching, altering (ie. taking them in a LOT) and generally making awesome. I can’t wait for them to be finished..hopefully they’ll be done before it’s too hot to wear jeans.

On another jeans tangent – I’ve always wanted to buy Levi’s plain, unwashed, raw denim jeans and wear them constantly until they fade and wear out. I don’t think they come in women’s sizes (not the “traditional” style, at least), but I think it would be so cool to see the evolution of a garment, especially in photos. It would be like all those YouTube videos where people take a picture of themselves every day. My brother showed me this really cool one where a guy grows out his beard, and then the video goes in reverse and the beard shrinks back into his face. Definitely worth 5 minutes of your day.

Comments (21)

vro on April 26
Nice outfit and I love this little piece in your hair :)
hirondelle on April 17
looove this jacket
dancing_geek on April 15
i like how you put it all together it is really good!!!
lydia on April 14
Cool cool cool!
districtofchic on April 14
I'm always so amazed by your craftiness. That hair accessory is pretty awesome.
ThursdaysChild on April 14
awesome idea with the jeans. I know what you mean, it would be cool to have jeans that are faded to YOU. and I can't believe how talented you are... I would never be able to take mens jeans and do anything with them. I love how you look so tough and are still wearing oxfords.
plastikneon on April 14
Can't wait to see the jeans you're making! I'm trying to find an awesome pair of boy shorts/jeans for the summer. Love the brooch too!
supernab on April 14
good luck with your dad's jeans. and i kinda like the jeans youre wearing btw. oh and the brooch is adorable!
styleseeking_mi on April 14
great jacket!! and the cropped pants look very cool~
libys11 on April 13
love everything!!!! your look has always stood out in the gallery!! amazing! :D
aivanmagno on April 13
VERRRRYY chic! If its only cold here in my country, I would wear a leather jacket!! :)
Kellylee on April 13
love your shoes!
EmmaDilemma on April 13
Good luck on the jeans! I'm sure they will look fantastic.
helllooks on April 13
omg i love this look alot lol plz check my ebay store http://stores.ebay.com/helllooks
krly on April 13
i love this outfit very model like of you =)
HelenZ (@helenzhu) on April 13
Wow, very talented. Can't wait to see your creation. I love Levi's!
BedroomEyes on April 13
i want your jacket badly and the brooch is so quirky! love it!
Vivi_T on April 13
Love the headband :)
ameliawearsclothes on April 13
The carriage brooch is seriously amazing. I don't think the pants are so bad either :)
playingwithfire on April 13
Everything about this is just perfect.
hessica on April 13
i know what you mean about the jeans and i sat here for a minute pondering what you could do with them. i couldnt think of anything really, so good luck! i love this look because it has so many great subtle details like the headband and the ripped shirt!
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