vacation day 1!!

Updated on Apr 13, 2009
Greenhills shorts - hong kong vintage hat - Sisters scarf - Furla purse - 80s pl
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teeffany 's Thoughts:

heelooo!!! im hoomee from a great (well for the most part…) and relaxing Holy Week vacation to Hong Kong. As always, the shopping was overwhelming!! things only started going on a “sort of” sale on our third day but its okay i found some FANTASTIC jeans and oh my gosh 2 pairs of gladiator shoes i couldnt resist to buy on our first two days there…then after that i bought more shoes!! then some other cute stuff i shall feature soon

anyways, so before my trip i tried to be a responsible daughter and warn my parents of the climate there, and so the forecast was 19-22 degrees, so woohooo i get to dress for warm-ish weather right?? WRONG! the wind was freezing cold so i had to buy leggings to wear under my shorts (i got ones with stirrups! theyre adorable and i hope i can incorporate it into my school wardrobe more… i wear tank tops and oversized jeans almost everyday to school…gets boring sometimes) then i had to steal my sister’s scarf sometimes too haha! she always packs warmly..

so on the third picture my outfits kind of different… because i ate a GIGANTIC hotdog with all the mustard and relish and ketchup that could possibly fit and of course, i spilled some on my pristine white shirt… and in the afternoon it got really warm so i took off my leggings too

my sister is super cute in that picture! shes wearing
Top: Kookai
Leggings: Mango (i think)
Shoes: chunky flip flops from a stall in Glorietta
her top is to die for really..i keep asking if i can steal day she’ll let me i can FEEL IT!! (so if you’re reading this chits..i labz you =) ) its like different fabrics sewn together andits really flattering

EEPS! im so excited to try on my new stuff i think ill do that now, so for now, Tah-tah chictopians!! =)

Comments (10)

Lexa on September 21
i love the 2nd pic..i actually added it in my fave photos..something i would wear too..
teeffany on September 22
aw. thank you <3
weeja on August 05
LyannePeri on August 03
I really like your style...
kwini09 on May 28
i love your scarf in the 1st photo. :D
ohpau on April 15
i love those strappy sandals in the 2nd photo too!! :)
sharina on April 15
I love all your outfits! Your strappy sandals in the second photo are <3 love love. Whered you get em? :)
teeffany on April 16
thanks! i got them in Yellow in Hong Kong.. they came in brown and a maroon leather as well.. oh! and there were ones that were full on studded with huge metal studs...gorgeous, it took me so long to decide which to buy!
michibaby on April 14
this is great! love the first outfit
fashiondestroyer on April 14
Teef! u look like an artist / model! i'll give u five stars for that outfit! ^_^
teeffany on April 14
haha aw thank you <3
eatyourtofu on April 14
I love shopping in HK! I love your outfit in the 2nd photo, looks so relaxed and casual
aivanmagno on April 13
You're a Filipino? Wow. You look good :) And very chic too! :D
teeffany on April 14
im pure Chinese hehe.. i study in the Philippines though =) thanks love
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