She's A Silver Lining

Updated on Dec 27, 2013
silver Bally bag - white Kristel Yulo skirt - silver So Fab heels
Silver-bally-bag-silver-diy-hair-accessory-silver-so-fab-heels Silver-bally-bag-silver-diy-hair-accessory-silver-so-fab-heels Silver-bally-bag-silver-diy-hair-accessory-silver-so-fab-heels Silver-bally-bag-silver-diy-hair-accessory-silver-so-fab-heels Silver-bally-bag-silver-diy-hair-accessory-silver-so-fab-heels
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joannaladrido 's Thoughts:

Confession: I am a very competitive person. Yet Another Confession: I NEVER compete with anyone else...except for myself. I am in constant competition with myself to be better, to be more creative, to take things to a different level and I find that when I compete with myself, I end up creating more a challenge and I end up pushing my limits. This goes to show why I always need to outdo myself especially on my favorite Holidays: Christmas (and the parties that come with it), Halloween (you all know that!) and of course New Year's Eve. I've conquered 2/3 events and you all know how my Orchid costume went as I've blogged about to endlessly but this time, I had quite the challenge because the theme of our annual Company Christmas Ball was Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous, and my dad assigned me to the role of Kim Kardashian. It's no secret my family see so many similarities in our demeanor, quirks and habits as with THAT Kardashian sister and that's not so bad but I had to ask my dad to explain the decision as I do not have curves (am a ruler and proud of it) and I don't have a sex tape. He simply explained that it was because I was a sweet person, a fashionista and that he was quite proud of me for working hard to establish myself as a "brand" and I was fine with that.

TO VIEW WHAT I HAD TO COMPETE AGAINST: Last Year's Snow Queen Gown ALSO made by Kristel Yulo...


So the costume planning began. I searched for pegs of Kim Kardashian in her glorious red carpet moments and ended up with these top 5 choices: a gold gown which left little to the imagination, a red one shoulder dress, a white Grecian Goddess gown, a blue curve hugging gown or a purple beaded cutout gown.

Naturally, I was thinking of what would be best to highlight the nonexistence of my curves and since I wanted the trademark signature Kardashian curly vampy hair and so I decided on the gold dress. I had it made but upon fitting realized that it was well-fitted and very Kim K. in every way but it was an appropriate gown to wear to a Corporate Christmas party where I was the C.O.O. (Child of Owner) and a member of the Board of Directors at that. This is why I had to thank my favorite designer and fairy godmother Kristel Yulo for existing in my life as her pieces fit me perfectly and she always was my go-to girl for formal dresses and she saved me. I opted for another iconic Kim Kardashian look, perhaps her most famous one, the Vera Wang wedding gown she wore to her extravagant wedding to Kris Humphries which lasted in a 72-day marriage. So the marriage didn't work out as well as we expected but I have to admit the wedding was amazing and she looked extravagant and this gown that i tried on was absolute perfection as it added on my usual JL-twist of beads. Also since I was not willing to wear a veil, I decided to make my head piece extra extravagant (is that possible) by making sure it covered my entire hair. Of course I have Yaya Armi to thank for doing my hair so perfectly in a gigantic bun, as she always does, and the rest was bedazzling with crystals. It took a lot of work but I am happy with how it turned out and I absolutely loved how it all worked out. Definitely the perfect transition from last year's gown.



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NathaliaV on August 10
cool ^^
Rayy on February 06
SabinaRotaru on January 26
Gorgeous <3
Chaukkeun on January 05
Oh my! That is beautiful > ^ <
Lily018 on December 30
♥ so gorgeous
jotei_elizabeth on December 29
I love your headpiece. You're gorgeous and like a Goddess in these pictures.
MaxMaxy on December 27
bkgurl33 on December 27 via iPhone mobile device icon
peiyien on December 27
girl! Glamorous doesn't even begin to describe you!
pemberuj on December 27
So Chic <3
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