"That dress makes you look like a Mormon"

Updated on Apr 11, 2009
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queenelizabeth 's Thoughts:

A lovely quote from my brother, describing my outfit this Friday. I guess he has a point, seeing as this dress completely covers my feet and would be totally appropriate for living in a compound/cult in Utah. (with no offense intended towards anyone in this particular situation) Then again, this is the same brother who said that my little black dress made me look like “Audrey Hefburn”.

Anyways, onto the clothing…

This dress was another recent thrift-store find. I was planning on turning it into a minidress, and maybe using the leftover material for a skirt, but I ended up being too lazy to do anything with and decided to keep it as a maxi dress. I still can’t figure out exactly what it is – it sort of looks like a cheerleading outfit or a basketball jersey, with a couple extra yards of fabric. Maybe it’s a graduation gown or some school-related garment. At any rate, it’s almost certainly from the 70’s and is made of 100% polyester.

(sidenote: I don’t know if this is related to the fabric or just the length of the dress, but during the day, the hem seemed to pick up a ton of dust, dirt and stray hair (???). Gross, I know, but has anyone worn a maxi dress and had this happen? Or is it just me?)

This outfit looked better at the end of the day, when I added a flower in my hair (we dissected them in bio class, hooray.) I’ve realized that I really like long, hippie-ish dresses and I’m in the middle of making another one right now. We’ll see how it goes…

Comments (14)

vro on April 26
The colour is amazing!
laikacheena on April 19
i actually like this dress a lot! =)
gladys_c on April 15
maybe you could've shortened the dress a little bit, then it would've been perfect!!
WickedPlumVintage on April 12
i really like that dress, the color is pretty, but i too think it would look super cute as a mini dress, unless you are like REALLY tall and wear high heels with it without the shirt under it and loose touseled hair. but overall i do really love it!
FashionReady on April 12
you always find the most amazing things!!! this dress really looks great on you!! =D
harleygrant on April 12
It's really pretty cool. Part of me thinks I'd prefer is as a mini dress, but there's another part that loves the length.
playingwithfire on April 12
You look like a Roman goddess in this dress, very beautiful.
12ipek on April 12
loveeeeee the dress color!!!
cocorosa on April 11
loveeee this dress :) xoxo
Angelic_Ariel on April 11
Its cute, just exchange the shirt for something different. The color is perfect with your skin tone.
lissakahayon on April 11
I love the dress and its color!!!!!! If you're going to trim it, maybe you could put a tulle underneath, I think it would be very pretty if it poufs a bit. Hehe but it's perfect as a maxi dress too!!!
seri8888 on April 11
awesome dress colors http://stores.shop.ebay.com/helllooks
michelleiris on April 11
this looks super cute on you! my brother would tell me that we don't need a street-sweeping anymore if i'm wearing that dress. haha. :P anyway, maybe you should trim it a lil bit so it wouldn't drag on the floor as much.
queenelizabeth on April 13
haha that's hilarious, your brother's pretty clever :)
elec_tric on April 11
Perhaps you cold add a belt and drape the fabric over a bit so that it doesn't drag as much on the floor? I dunno, just a suggestion to minimize dust/dirt/hair/whatever.
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