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Updated on Dec 10, 2013
Choies jacket - Zara boots - Mango bag
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RaniaKelesidou 's Thoughts:

Ok so I've got to admit that every time the weather gets a bit cold and cloudy, I feel some sort of joy. I know especially those of you guys who live in Northern Europe or other places with super strong winters and low temperatures, well you probably think I'm some sort of crazy person, and maybe I am I don't know, but I got to tell you guys having too warm winter conditions can get as annoying as having too cold ones! The thing is, it's supposed to be winter, you want to wear all these winter garments and accessories like heavy coats, chunky knits or beanies, but when it's so sunny and not really that cold every day, well it's almost impossible. So yes, every time I see some sort of cloudy sky or feel the temperature going lower, I think 'yeah finally time for some real winter clothing!'. And I don't even mind rain, well especially when lying on my couch under my blanket or enjoying a hot tea at a cozy cafe, I might even actually enjoy it!
But when it comes to shootings... oh dear lord, rain is the worst thing ever! First of all I have to carry an umbrella (which actually might not be that bad especially if it's as cute as this one), then Dimitris also has to find a way to set the umbrella between his arms while he shoots, but even if we succeed in these, there's the huge problem of light! Ahhh this can really drive me crazy. Being used to almost always shoot with a sunny sky above us (yeap we're photo-spoiled like that) we found it really difficult to shoot under these circumstances. As you guys know we're in no way professionals when it comes to photography, but I really love Dimitris' work for the photos here on Nothing Like Fashion. But since it hasn't stopped raining for the last four days, I thought whatever we're going to shoot under the rain and hope for the best. Well even though it's definitely not the best shoot we've done, I really wanted to share this look with you guys. I really like how the red tartan skirt stands out between the dark colors of the rest of the look and love the grunge and slightly punk-ish feeling of it. Tartan and leather for the win!


xx Rania


For more photos CLICK HERE!

Comments (5)

sharondeestefania on December 13
OMG!! so nice umbrella!!
bkgurl33 on December 11 via iPhone mobile device icon
Nuki9210 on December 10
the color of your hair is amazing !
victorwen28 on December 10
andiiferencz on December 10
I love this outfit x
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