Looking Cute for a Punk Show

Updated on Apr 09, 2009
yellow Nine West shoes - white vintage top - black thrifted pants
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mariel 's Thoughts:

So this is a short entry, and a late entry considering I wore this last week (or two weeks ago?), but between the daunting threat of needing to write 3 research papers and 15 pages of a play (which I dont plan on doing anytime soon), I don’t have time to update.

I wore this outfit to a punk show. Clearly I was channeling rock-godess Gwen Stefani. I saw a misfits cover band, and yes I will admit that most of the time was spent standing in the back becuase I was tired and too small to deal with ‘the pit’.

When dressing for a such a show, there are a few things to remember. It’s loud, noisy, and people will punch you in the face , just because they felt like it. They will step on your feet, and they will knock you over, and they WILL NOT appologize.

What I have found helpful in such situations is to wear sneakers (but hey it was the first warm day of “spring”) . At least wear flats, that won’t fall off your feet, and are preferrably rubber bottomed so you dont slip, and if you get stepped on (which you will) it’s no biggie, and you dont get cut or start voliently bleeding from your pinky toe.

I have also found that spandex is a godsend. I know, I know, people hear spandex and they cringe thinking of middle aged women and their fanny packs hopelessly waiting in line for Tower of Terror at Disney World, or that girl who refuses to check if her leggings are actually see through, but that is not always so! Spandex is practical and comfortable, especially when needing to move through crowds. Loose fitting fabric gets caught and stretched out, but spandex will always hug your body (make sure it covers your body! You wouldnt want someone seeing your days-of-the-week undies).

Thats all for now.
My last piece of advice is stay out of the pit if you are someone like me.

P.S. the shirt is striped and has sailboats for those of you who cant see it!

Comments (4)

bkgurl33 on January 27
love that top
BukuDoll on January 07
xs_ on April 10
boy, the punk show sounds fun! :/ ... hahahha.. stay out of the pit! .... I really like photo #2.
Carolinabotelho1 on April 10
I lovee your vest!!
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