Accidentally High

Updated on Nov 04, 2013
J Brand jeans - Topshop shirt - 10Deep t-shirt - Gucci heels
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MonisZahira 's Thoughts:

The story behind this 10.Deep shirt I got from Reed Space in the Lower East Side is so real it’s embarrassing. We stumbled in to Reed Space after an extremely satisfying brunch at Sons of Essex (where I might add, they have the most amazing mac and cheese omelet!). When I saw this t-shirt, it was like I had found something I wasn’t even looking for – how I imagine I’ll feel when I find Mr. Right.

When I got home, I had my routine cup of tea and called my parents. For some reason they didn’t answer, so I resorted to calling my little brother – I mean, I had to show someone how amazing my new shirt was. Skipping the small talk, I immediately asked, “So… you want to see my new t-shirt?” He was clearly not amused but played along, knowing that my new purchase was way more important than his exam taking place just a few hours later.

I proudly held up my t-shirt in front of the camera and waited for his face to light up with the same excitement I was feeling. Instead of a simple compliment, he replied, “Monis, what’s that thing in the middle?” Confused, I inspected the shirt once more and all I saw was a beautiful pattern. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“…Is that weed?” he responded.

Wait… WHAT?

I went straight to Google and confirmed that, yes, I had in fact bought a shirt with that celebrated weed. I don’t smoke, but hey! It’s still an awesome shirt so I’m keeping it.

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Puss_in_Boots on November 05
cute top
mindy13579 on November 04
i love your shoes!
duster coat asos coat
black Romwecom shirt
silver Naf Naf top
brown Zara heels
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