little orphan annie

Updated on Apr 07, 2009
black brogues vintage shoes - blue linen babydoll thrifted vintage dress
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calivintage 's Thoughts:

i am weirddddd todaaaay. i think it’s because suddenly it’s raining, it’s pouring, blah blah blah. this is a good thing because we’re in a drought here in california, so we need the water. and it gives me an opportunity to wear my sweet brogues. i went for the grunge look a little bit here in this thrifted linen babydoll dress. it’s a little rumply, but it’s linen, so i think it’s supposed to look like that???

haha, anyway i kinda look like little orphan annie in this outfit, but it’s very fun to wear! i have been twirling around in this little dress.

another weird thing is the way i painted my nails last night. what was i thinking? i got all space-agey glam and painted them shiny silver. doesn’t quite go with the outfit, but it goes with my mood. haha. and hey, not to get all matchy matchy on you, but they do actually match the silver grommets on my shoes… ok, whatevs.

oh but wait! the most important part! i was gonna up this outfit by a million times by tying this (square-shaped) floral scarf i have into a turban, but then i realized that i dont know how to tie one!!!! someone teach me how? i need a how-to stat! hehe.

*update: i still want the how-to so i can do this properly, but i just took the two seconds it takes to figure something out and now i’ve got my little turban, so i replaced the main photo with the new look.

Comments (46)

Puss_in_Boots on January 02
soooo cute!
garagegirl on October 20
i realy like your outfit!!!its simple and cool
aww cute!
thestyleline on April 27
thank you for the request. i absolutely adore this photo!<3
peanutbuttergirl on April 26
haha i love this xo!
Debdeb on April 21
The scarf looks cute like that
leire on April 20
love the glasses, it look realy diferent whith them!
wowjackie on April 12
So cute, love the glasses in the first picture!
Justine_ on April 09
lovely dress ! you look great
Annabu on April 09
love this outfit. it looks so cool. really brilliant mix!!
HeyDigital on April 08
this is soo cuteee. and i loveeee your new haircut. it is so flattering. =D also congrats for having your picture on the chictopia homepage. =D
calivintage on April 08
thaaaanks!!!! i feel so special! hehe.
lydia on April 08
K so stop being so cool. You are killing me........ :(
A_Marie on April 08
You look so cute in this outfit! and yah! for turban instructions, I have some I've bought thrift already made but doing it yourself is so much more satisfying ;)
vintage_overload on April 08
lovely always and y're on the homepage of chictopia. i think its the perfect pick for the transition to spring look XOXO
maggiemay on April 08
vintage annie extraordinare!!! Fabulous love the glasses!
districtofchic on April 08
I love the way you tied your scarf. I'm kind of a moron when it comes to scarf-tying/hair accessories.
Jasna on April 08
Ooh, I love this, the turban is so chic and your outfit is awsome!!!! xx
mssashimi on April 08
you're on the splash page of chictopia! I LOVE IT!!!!
supernab on April 08
oh i love your turban! you look so cute :)
summerromance on April 08
oh wow! I love your outfit! you look so comfy!
mcmaris on April 08
I love this look!!!! Great shoes
c00kiemonster on April 07
i'm also from the bay area and i'm glad it rain too! 1st April shower. cute outfit for a rainy day. a very stylish orphan annie.
JkGnarly on April 07
You are lovely, I love your hair, and your outfit. Always looking good.
ivywang on April 07
I love your boots!
aNIKaP on April 07
You looks so good in this outfit! A little grunge mixed with your usual girlyness. Luv it!
Martine_ on April 07
adorable, those shoes are love
michelleiris on April 07
CA weather is crazzzzy! haha. i love your look hon! awesome job on the turban!
eatyourtofu on April 07
Classytrash did a how-to post on tying scarves as turbans sometime ago, here's the link: I especially love the first photo, I think the turban and glasses really complete the outfit! And P.S. I think I watched Annie (the original version) a billion times as a child :)
libys11 on April 07
great work on the turban! :D
helllooks on April 07
really cute!!
jennigrrl on April 07
your so cute. I loved annie when I was a kid. I will always, always LOVE grunge. So this is one of my faves.
iheartdresses on April 07
hehe funny post:) and it is raining and pouring here today too lol even though we dont need the rain as much as you guys haha:) and cute outfit! I am totally loving that dress, the color is so lovely and chic! and I love the grunge look going on here too:)
paulinabelle on April 07
i love it!!!! everything..
queenelizabeth on April 07
this is adorable, the turban is such a great addition! Your geek glasses are super cool and I think it's time for me to invest in some tall socks to wear with oxfords - yours are awesome, btw. (and yes, I know socks are not a major investment. :)
calivintage on April 07
haha. yes, there's a super longs near my house (i just call it that because it's HUGE). anyway, they have a wall of knee socks in every color. it turned out to be an investment because i bought so many. and also, thanks!!!
fashiongeometry on April 07
your outfit is so cute! i'm actually going to head to norcal this weekend and i heard it's going to rain :(
yuppiemom on April 07
You look so adorable! Love the dress and boots!
ellabella on April 07
you look soo adorable, those boots are amazing. and so is the dress and scarf!
WickedPlumVintage on April 07
omg you look so cute, like I wanna hug ya! *grins* i just love those glasses! too freaking cute! I just got a vintage 50s pair of Buddy Holly glasses I am thinking of using on my shoots, but am so scared to try and pull it off and not look weird...but it's cool on you fer sure!
WickedPlumVintage on April 07
aww thanks so much sweetie! I will try them out on both my girls and hopefully post a pic soon!
calivintage on April 07
go for it! you can totally pull it off! :) oh, and thanks so much!!!! ;)
ohhwell on April 07
simply love love love x)
RazzleDazzleMe on April 07
Cute, I found something online abut tying a turban. I'm not sure if it's accurate but it's very close. They have other guides on there also.
calivintage on April 07
oh sweet! thanks for the help there. i now have many more ideas for tying silk scarves!!!
cocorosa on April 07
this is soooooo cute :) :) love these lace up booties :) xoxo
krly on April 07
omg i love it i think you did really good with the scarf thing on your head i think it looks awesome !!!
ThursdaysChild on April 07
aw you're so cute... I love how you HAD to have the turban. you're so creative! i btw loooove silver nails. I sometimes feel like a robot, but otherwise I feel so much cooler than everyone else. pink nails, psh. actually I love pink nails too.
calivintage on April 07
yes, i felt that the turban would complete my little orphan look. haha. and i really enjoy this shiny silver polish. when i bought it at the beauty supply store, the girl was looking at me funny. whatevs! because it is fun to wear!
nonnoyes on April 07
this is too good. i love it all. and those boots are too sweet
123abc on April 07
this is cute
only_cheapclothes on April 07
love thoes boots, my dear!
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