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Updated on Nov 02, 2013
ivory button up banana republic shirt - black The Dollar Tree glasses
Ivory-button-up-banana-republic-shirt-ruby-red-payless-sneakers Ivory-button-up-banana-republic-shirt-black-the-dollar-tree-glasses Ivory-button-up-banana-republic-shirt-black-the-dollar-tree-glasses Ivory-button-up-banana-republic-shirt-black-the-dollar-tree-glasses Ivory-button-up-banana-republic-shirt-black-the-dollar-tree-glasses
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ShutterbugGwendolyn 's Thoughts:

As you might have noticed from viewing this blog, I am a massive fan of the British TV series, Doctor Who. For Halloween of 2013, I decided to dress up as the 10th incarnation of The Doctor. Earlier into the year I considered this option as a costume, but later dismissed it because I thought it would take too much effort and money to pull together. But as summer became autumn, I started fantasising about the idea once again. In all honesty, I am rather proud of how well I think that I pull it off. Due to certain facial features of mine, I don’t think it was a difficult transformation. Particular aspects about my face, such as my sharp and crooked nose, my slightly hooded eyelids, and my thick and uniquely shaped eyebrows proved useful in transforming into the 10th Doctor. An additional advantage is that I can do the, what I like to call, “Vulcan Eyebrow.” Which means to raise one eyebrow without raising the other one. An ability that both Spock (from the TV series Star Trek) and the 10th Doctor are known for exercising on numerous occasions. You might say it is their signature facial expression. I taught myself this skill several years ago, about the same time that I trained myself to do the Live Long And Prosper sign. In any case, I decided to take advantage of these skills and natural facial features to give myself a higher resemblance to Tennant’s portrayal of The Doctor.

My favorite outfit of Ten’s is not the blue suit with maroon converse, but in fact his brown pinstripe suit with the off-white converse. I figure that the navy suit was much easier to find compared to how much more work it might have taken to find the right brown pinstripe one. I only started putting my costume together about three or four weeks before Halloween, and finished it the week of. I wouldn’t have been able to create it without the vital assistance of my mother. I barely succeeded. In the post below you may view my piece by piece written analysis of the construction I undertook for my costume, which includes fun pictures.


The Suit:
The suit was a thrift shop find, as many of the pieces of my costume were. After the purchase of it, being a cheap and thrifty person, I initially had my doubts and regret about the price of the suit. However, I can’t ignore the fact that the price was worth every penny for a perfectly fitting Banana Republic women’s jacket and trouser duo that was in lovely condition. I will definitely get many uses out of my newly acquired suit for years to come.
Once I had acquired the more crucial costume piece, the time came to dye it, seeing as I did not desire a beige colored Doctor suit! The dye that I used in question is Rit liquid dye purchased from Michael’s craft store. I’m very grateful for my mother, who did the dying process, while I anxiously stood on the sidelines and watched. After much anticipation and apprehension on my part, I had in my possession a gorgeous denim blue suit, much like The Doctor’s! After several rinses while dying, the color faded to a particular blue that was about one or two shades lighter than the actual suit worn by Tennant on the show. Nevertheless, I am quite pleased with the outcome and I decided not to dye it a second time to darken it. I find it close enough in color for my personal opinion of accuracy for the costume, and a stunning color regardless.

The Props:
The props that I used to make my costume look authentic were hardly difficult to acquire. Many of the accessories I found within my own closet. I was fortunate enough to already own a maroon tie that happened to look close to a style that Ten might have worn, and moderately accurate to the one he models with his blue suit. As for the “brainy specs,” I rediscovered a pair of black glasses bought from a dollar store that I had previously popped the lenses out of. This pair in particular had been bought as an accessory when I was in a musical/play a while ago. As a matter of fact, I own a various amount of different spectacles that I have used as props on differing occasions. The psychic paper I used was handmade by myself, using solely black and white card stock paper and a glue gun. The 3D glasses, as seen worn by the tenth Doctor in the episode titled “Army Of Ghosts,” were originally a pair of grey 3D glasses that had gears printed on them (they were from the Spy Kids 3D DVD that we’ve had for ages). I then painted them white to match The Doctor’s. In addition to my costume, I asked my mother to crochet me an Adipose, which I later added as a prop. But the one particular extra that caused me such great irritation was, without a doubt, the Sonic Screwdriver. In advance I claimed that I would not buy 9/10’s sonic screwdriver for this costume. It would have been more than I had paid for the suit! Of course I’m not going to sacrifice my money for a prop. A crucial prop though. I struggled with the question on whether or not it was insane to own a Doctor costume that was missing his very important Sonic Screwdriver. After I had long since decided to ignore my lack of sonic tools, by chance I discovered a DIY on the Internet on how to make the Ninth and Tenth Doctor’s screwdriver ( ). The construction appeared to be quite simple, frugal, and accurate. The instructions were straightforward and all the items used are easy to find within your own home. I remain in awe at how nicely the woman’s (who created the tutorial) screwdriver turned out. Although my attempt was shameful and sloppy, I really enjoyed the process and the opportunity to get creative. After using the previously mentioned DIY post as a reference, searching my house for objects to use, and creating two different screwdrivers after I messed up the first, I had assembled a dishonorable and flawed sonic screwdriver. I used the glue from a glue gun to mold shapes that I was unable to find and stick them together, while using a pen and various other bits and pieces of junk as the base. But I wasn’t that neat with the glue gun, hence the flawed and sloppy appearance of my screwdriver. On a more pleasant note, at least I have something somewhat resembling Ten’s screwdriver now! If you don’t examine it too closely and you squint your eyes a little, you can hardly tell the difference between mine and the actual device used in the TV show… teehee..

The Shoes:
The Doctor and I share something in common; we both love the company Converse. Comfy, flexible, stylish, and classic. If I want sneakers, I know that I can rely on Converse. Regardless, I was on a budget for this costume and in general. Payless has previously sold some solid Converse style knockoffs, that are cheaper than actual Converse. My initial plan was to buy a pair of red shoes at Payless instead. To my dismay I discovered that Payless stopped selling these style shoes only recently. A fact that brings me great displeasure, I might add. I could not afford $45.00 shoes, therefore, I did not wear accurate Tenth Doctor shoes for my Halloween costume of 2013. Please just ignore this fact when viewing the pictures. Do not let your eyes stray to my feet…
I still long for new Converse high tops, because my old high tops (they are actually a pair of Payless knockoffs) have gotten too small and are pinching my toes. Not that I honestly need new shoes, but… I am hoping to save up enough cash to purchase a pair of cream colored Converse high tops, the exact style that the 10th Doctor wears with his brown pinstripes.

The Hair:
What is the Tenth Doctor without his iconic hair? I highly doubt that it has ever helped him in saving the world, yet it still remains a signature piece of this Doctor’s particular style. This segment was definitely the easiest part of this costume for me. I grew out my artificial sideburns and had my mother trim the rest of my hair. I gelled my hair up and was finished. As for my “sideburns,” I slicked them down with gel, which gave the illusion of more length.

To view more photos of this cosplay, go to

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Chicandcakes on July 30
Awwwwwww, doctah!
CarefreeContessa on November 04
soooooo cute!!!
ShutterbugGwendolyn on November 10
Thank you so much!!
Melodic_Thrifty_Chic on November 03
Radness! +1
ShutterbugGwendolyn on November 10
Thank you!
itsnkenge on November 03
love the loosened tie!! +1
ShutterbugGwendolyn on November 03
Thank you so much!
AnnehNao on November 02
omg so cool
ShutterbugGwendolyn on November 03
Awe, thank you!! I'm so proud of how it turned out :)
hazelkrisferrando on November 02
wow!!! Love your style!!! voted!!!
ShutterbugGwendolyn on November 03
Yay! Thank you so much!!
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