This is a Love Song

Updated on Oct 30, 2013
white This Is A Love Song shirt - black mulder Jeffrey Campbell boots
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JeanGreige 's Thoughts:

This shirt is called the “Home Run” top by This is a Love Song. They’re a cool little relatively new company and I love their stuff! Of course, my first instinct is to want to change the name of the shirt to be “Run Home (From the Cops)” because I’m a brat — while I appreciate co-opting athleticism for current trend, I prefer not to co-opt anything beyond the aesthetics, I guess. I did that once when I was a teenager, run from the cops, I mean. I was at a house party that got broken up by the police for noise complaints and underaged drinking and a bunch of us ran through the house from the cops, then hopped the back fence into an adjacent school, where we hid in a playset until they got bored and left. In retrospect, it isn’t that exciting, but at the time, it was the kind of thing that seemed to make our blood pump twofold through our veins and we couldn’t contain the grins on our faces, stretching from ear to ear while we struggled not to giggle into the cold night air, the plastic from the playset wet from the sprinklers, soaking through our clothes as we lied flat against every surface, trying to disappear but feeling larger than life and certainly too large to vanish like that and not exist. There’s a charm about that kind of thing when you’re young — like there’s a whole life of possibility out there and maybe in an alternate world you’d be running from the cops all the time and in your head, just for a moment, it’s exciting and romantic and not real life and not at all scary or a destructive lifestyle choice or something bad like that, like it was for your cousin who ended up in jail that nobody talks about anymore at Thanksgiving dinners. Instead, it’s just magic.

This shirt has nothing to do with that story, really, I guess.

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martha15 on January 22
Love your hair and your outfit!You look awesome!Follow you pretty,xoxo :*
kh0uli0 on November 04
itsnkenge on November 03
great look!
RachelKiss on October 31
Love your style! +1 (Please follow me, I am new here!)
anonymours on October 31
amazing look!
Puss_in_Boots on October 30
cute top too...
fahadscale on October 30
you looking amazing <3
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