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Updated on Apr 06, 2009
gray cropped thrifted diy t-shirt - black patent pumps Target shoes
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queenelizabeth 's thoughts:

Confession time: I can’t stand the taste of mint. Not in toothpaste, or chewing gum, or York peppermint patties. Not even in candy canes on Christmas. (I do like mint chocolate chip ice cream, but that’s as far as I’ll go.)

The color of mint, however, is a newfound love of mine. I spotted these mint-green 70’s slacks on the edge of the men’s section in my favorite thrift store, and grabbed them as fast as I could. The 100% polyester content makes them breezy and cool for spring, and the eye-popping shade makes them awesome.

I’ve also decided that I’m going to wholeheartedly stand behind the crop-top trend, and wear them as often as possible (within reason, of course.) The 3rd pose in this post is a little goofy, but I like that it shows the look I’m going for – a few inches of skin combined with a high waist, no exposed navel, nothing drastic.

My only concern is that, if this trend gets big enough, it could end up the same way that leggings ended up, in which the vast majority of suburban high-school girls wear them inappropriately and to disastrous effect. Think for a second about all the times you’ve seen someone wearing leggings as pants and leaving very little to the imagination. Now imagine that same person, trying to be all trendy and fashion-forward, wearing a cropped t-shirt with low-rise jeans and Uggs. It’s Britney all over again… :(


Puss_in_Boots on June 27
good way to wear high-waisted pants!
ChristieREdwards7587 on April 14
Love those pants to death!
AndreeaDabija on March 28
nice pants
F4SHI0N on February 09
coooooool pants
DanseuseDelamode on January 13
good, the colour is amazing. I chic voted this piece!
donutsandcoffee on October 26
Completely beautiful. Mint is an underrated color for sure.
OneEyeCat on March 13
amazing pants & color !
vro on April 26
Omg I'm so in love with your pants, the colour is amazing and you look great! I love mint in every way ;-) And your necklace is sooo cool!
AnnaKonduh on April 25
That is so true about the crop tops! They remind me of the 90's. I saw them at the store yetserday and my friend and I tried them on.
rubysue on April 21
love it, and YES, your fear is extremely realistic... i saw someone just today inappropriately wearing a crop top. IT HAS BEGUN.
mediumrare on April 16
Amazingly on trend colors. I love the boldness of the simplicity
Leandra on April 10
I love your style!
shoppher on April 09
I love the color of the pants. Way to work that trend!
Annabu on April 09
oh how i love your
Franco_Fernandez on April 09
oh my god WOW!
kittyK on April 08
i love your pants
supernab on April 08
ah i dont like mint either ^^;;;; but i LOVE your pants! such and amazing colour :)
sweetlilducky on April 07
those pants are cool!
hessica on April 07
these pants!!! there are no words!
orsola on April 07
i like mint colour as well but cannot find anything anywhere :o( where did you buy your pants? i suppose i have to go for vintage...
queenelizabeth on April 07
they're from my local thrift store - if you're looking, definitely check the men's section in thrift or vintage stores.
Ringo on April 07
Those pants are seriously EPIC.
calivintage on April 07
p.s. after i left this comment, i totally went to the store to buy ingredients to make a mint julep. it must have been subliminal. oh, and you let me know if you ever change your mind about those pants.... ;)
queenelizabeth on April 07
haha that's awesome...looks like you're taking a different kind of inspiration from chictopia, how creative of you :) I don't think I'll ever change my mind about the pants, but I am regretting not buying a few similar pairs (in different colors) that I saw...I bet some old guy was getting rid of all his 70's pants at once! :P
Guatencanta on April 07
the color of your pants is interesting but i like your necklace more
lissakahayon on April 07
You pulled off this look really well :)
eatyourtofu on April 07
Hahaha I, on the other hand, LOVE mint...nearly all bath and beauty product I own are minty. If there was such a thing as mint perfume, I'd wear it! Hahaha. Those pants are so cool, and yes, good choice wearing them with a crop top. Crop tops are tricky, and I agree on your "mainstream effect" theory! Yikes. Hope t doesn't ever get there.
queenelizabeth on April 07
Thanks! Crop tops definitely are tricky to style - I used to think I would never, ever wear them, but it just takes the right combination to avoid tackiness...:/
micchie on April 07
really awesome!!!
ThaisVeronica on April 07
Oh my dear, I want those pants! Mint really is such a gorgeous colour
only_cheapclothes on April 07
really loooove mint green
oliviooso on April 07
cute necklace!!how u made it? Love ur pants!!Love the color!!
queenelizabeth on April 07
thanks! I made the necklace out of paper and tinfoil, it's folded like origami to make the studs.
HelenZ (@helenzhu) on April 07
I have a crop top that looks very similar to that. I have not yet figured out how to style it. This is definitely an inspiration!
queenelizabeth on April 07
ooh, can't wait to see your crop top! c'mon helen, jump on the bandwagon! :)
farsprinsesse on April 06
amazing pants!! And looks so good with the cropped top!! CHIC!!
michelleiris on April 06
awesomeeee!!! i looove everything!
FashionReady on April 06
OMG!!! I absloutely love those pants!! it's such a great color and goes well with your cropped top! =D
faa on April 06
ooh that is a beautiful color, definitely something you dont see everyday!
chinafrancisco on April 06
love everything! :)
ThursdaysChild on April 06
I was just re-looking at your necklace.. it's so cool, and you diy? do you have something behind it all sticking it together?
queenelizabeth on April 07
thanks! it's actually made of paper and foil, folded into pyramid always fools people because it looks like solid metal but it's really lightweight, haha. but anyways there's another layer of paper behind the studs. :)
nonnoyes on April 06
gorgeous colors and proportions!
ThursdaysChild on April 06
i love the crop top! I think you wear it well :)
mirb on April 06
love your crop top. i'm standing firmly behind the crop top trend too :)
queenelizabeth on April 07
yay, another crop top supporter :)
playingwithfire on April 06
This outfit kills!!! I love the pants, I am just drooling at them.
adventureswonderland on April 06
i love the pants! the color is so nice and they look great on you! i also love the midriff!
kt_krazy on April 06
this look is fantastic. i love th midriff top.
classytrash on April 06
holy mother. the pants to end all pants. i love them!
lydia on April 06
I love love LOVE mint. Yummy =D Crop tops I am wary of, only because of the aforementioned trickle down effect. I'm really hoping it's not going to...(but it probably will). You're doing it very well though.
lydia on April 08
Ha! That's soooo true. It's thoroughly amusing to see good trends executed horribly. Kind of like watching A Shot At Love
queenelizabeth on April 07
thanks - you're right about the trickle down effect, but I'm kind of looking forward to it, at least for the entertainment value! It's like bad TV - it's awful and tacky, but you can't look away...
yuppiemom on April 06
Oh Queen Elizabeth, you are so hip! LOVE the mint pants and necklace. I love your posts!
queenelizabeth on April 07
aw thanks so much! :D
calivintage on April 06
oh my! those pants are the best thing everrrrr. for serious, that color is divine. and i am glad to hear that you can at least enjoy mint chocolate chip ice cream! yum! and yes, you may wear crop-tops as much as you want because you are pulling it off, so let's just hope they stay reserved for the professionals. hehe.
mssashimi on April 06
what can i say so perfect
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