Tartan and Sweats

Updated on Oct 07, 2013
red Furla bag - red Stussy hat - maroon Bershka top - ruby red Zara heels
Red-stussy-hat-red-furla-bag-maroon-bershka-top-ruby-red-zara-heels Red-furla-bag-red-stussy-hat-maroon-bershka-top-ruby-red-zara-heels Red-furla-bag-red-stussy-hat-maroon-bershka-top-ruby-red-zara-heels Red-furla-bag-red-stussy-hat-maroon-bershka-top-ruby-red-zara-heels
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Dominiquetiu 's Thoughts:

This is a literal take on a casual outfit.
Because seriously, can anyone go any casual than this? It’s a whole new level of Street Wear that I can’t even…
I digress. I’ve never done anything this casual before, and if you told me five months ago that I’d be ensconced in a busy mall wearing terrycloth sweatpants with a belly-bearing mid-rib ala Britney Spears 2003, I would probably let out a curling scream, stomp around for a good five minutes like the petulant child that I am, and state in a deadpan manner: “I take offense, madame.”
Certainly not with Kitten Heels (I used to loathe them with a passion), a jelly bag (I laughed at the thought of plastic bags), and bedroom hair (because, unkempt)–3 big no-nos for me circa 2011, backwards.
Thankfully, I’m a firm believer of second chances. I also like the adage: “Never say never.” Which means, I can totally hate something, and then un-hate it in a span of a few minutes without anyone holding me accountable for my fickle-mindedness and hypocrisy.
But I’m sure I’m not alone, right?
Let’s face it… people can turn the tide when it comes to their opinions in Fashion, at any given moment. Fashion, style, and trends are all dictated by time–the environment, the available resources, and pop culture of that era. What could be socially acceptable yesterday, could possibly be the source of ridicule tomorrow (Platform heels? Just kidding, please don’t let me given them up just yet, Coco Chanel)–such is life.
So for today, allow me to wear my sweatpants with my tartan like I’m some R&B princess shooting for a music video. If one day, I may cringe at this particular attempt to go beyond my comfort zone then let me.
I used to laugh so hard when I would see my mother’s Charlie’s Angels-inspired fashion back in the seventies. This particular style might be a great springboard for me to bond with my future kids (“Look at mom, she’s so Hiphop”).
So let me ride the waves of the present, and allow me the simple joys of being able to dress like I’m headed to a baseball game when in fact I’m headed to the mall, and still be accepted socially.
See, I’ve stopped being so uptight when it comes to fashion. Deep down, I know I look ridiculous at times, but hey, I’m young, I’m having fun, and I’m owning up to it.

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deashin on February 09
Love it.
pumpkin_seed on October 17
TerezaSaki on October 07
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