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Updated on Oct 04, 2013
camisole dress Q2HAN dress - scarf Mink Pink scarf
Camisole-dress-q2han-dress-scarf-mink-pink-scarf Camisole-dress-q2han-dress-scarf-mink-pink-scarf Camisole-dress-q2han-dress-scarf-mink-pink-scarf
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Comments (52)

cherry0 on November 05
I love ur style so much!!! ♥
Q2HAN on November 05
thanks so much Cherry :) i LOVE your style as well♥ and you live in Korea? We're visiting there this December! :)
CarefreeContessa on November 01
an awesome bag!
Niquey on October 29
My personal style is super girly & flattering but not being to "sexy" but still eye catching! Love your videos :)<3 Amazing outfit by the way
psyduck on October 29
daisygem on October 29
Love that bag! -Jenny, DaisyGem
AncaIoanaBulgar on October 26
khaoula on October 24
omg in love with you girls
AndRebel on October 11
thanks and love you outfits
AndRebel on October 11
my personal style is pretty simple. Bomber jackets. Maxi skirts. Beanies. High waists. Lennon glasses
gorgeous as always
gorgeous as always
sis2koul on October 09
My style is really whatever I like, no matter how anyone else feels about it. It goes from trendy to what does she have on lol. One day I'll be wearing a graphic tee with Albert Einstein with tribal print shorts; the next a flowing dress; and finish the week off with Mass Effect leggings and snake print shoes. All that matters is that I'm confident and feeling it.
Risny on October 08
I would say my personal style varies. I like to try new stuff everyday like wearing funky graphic socks in my boots or to pop up my clothing with colorful colors. I'm also really into the simple/effortless look because I feel it gives off a really clean and sophisticated vibe. Lastly, I need to feel comfortable in whatever I'm wearing cause that is the main factor in feeling confident.
harlow1919 on October 08
My personal style is eccentric. I love throwing clothes together because i don't want to be like anyone else but me. I rather wear clothes that doesn't match than be with the crowd. I always describe my style to a homeless person that smells good. May be weird to other people but to me, it's unique.
galactic on October 07
My personal style really depends on my mood. If I'm feeling lazy it's usually a baggy kind of clothing day for me and when I feel more happy or excited I try and pop up my clothing with splashes of color. My style never really strays too far from the classic black and white too!
BiancaF on October 07
AlineBaixer on October 07
I can say my style is really based on how I'm feeling when I wake up in the morning. Sometimes I love to wear some skirts, with some fun top and a pair of boots, but sometimes I just want to put a comfy pair of jeans on and... be happy with it!
ClothAbidingCitizen on October 07
My personal style is effortlessly sexy california babe. I like to dress up in florals and leather as well as high waisted denim and a simple tee. I love anything cropped. Thanks!
Ana_ScaleZ1994 on October 06
My style is grunge/rocker, but most days I just kick back in a t shirt and jeans
CiaraDanMcGinnis on October 06
My style varies so much, one day i might wear jeans, plain t-shirt and a hoodie with a sleeveless leather jacket and then another day I might wear an adorable sundress. My night out fashion is very full on though, I love stylish dresses and flashy tops.
jasmineshyburdett on October 06
my style is chic and simple! but still has edgy and punk look
art_hippie on October 05
My style is edgy and punk meets hip and trendy but i also love to mix in girly pieces to my outfits
rebekah_kim on October 05
my style is chic and simple! However, I do have those days where I feel more girly, edgy, tough, etc.
JaneQCheng on October 05
My style is comfy :)
anjyewilleatyou on October 05
I'd have to say my style has two main personalities: one is a laid back jeans and docs look which I sport during the day, and at night its strappy zara heels with a statement piece. Love both because I can't stick to one!
SngSews on October 05
My style... is unique to my personalities. If I feel tough, then I'll wear an edgy, playful look. If I feel girly then I'll wear something light and casual. My overall style is trendy and comfortable.
Nerea52 on October 05
My style is quite grunge and comfortable. I love wearing casual clothes too.
BiancaF on October 05
nhungnguyen12 on October 05
I really love your DIY. you r my inspiration :)
NusEvans on October 05
My style is wearin' what i feel style or pretty-but mostly, i love leopard print, sheer, studded and leather
MarijaPuskovaite on October 05
my style is something comfortable and sweaters ,tight jeans
thebackstagediva on October 05
loveethistrend on October 04
my style blends in with chic, hipster, edgy and overall comfortable. it's what i feel best in that describes my personality all together as a whole!
pockyxpong on October 04
My style is comfort/ edgy. I always wear black clothing it matches with everything and some awesome combat boots,creepers, and cutout boots ^.^ A nice comfy tee and a moto jacket. Omg i can go on with this lol
PeachesWithPearls on October 04
Super cute..!!
Uni_head on October 04
I don't know the actual style of mine, but I wear lots of black and boots!! Also, never were skirts, but love oversize cardigans! I guess it's called effortless style, I enjoy dressing up like a boy :)
likeoneofthelostboys on October 04
My style is indie/boho as a freshman in high school I don't have any money so I just have to deal with cheap stuff I find it it suits my fine and i love it.
00icii00 on October 04
My style is street chic :) As a college student, it is difficult to wear high heel and running around campus all day. But, there's still street chic styles that we can pull off that looks great and is comfortable.
vickydo on October 04
My style is trendy. I love finding out what the newest trends are, and setting new trends. I would wear anything that fits, i love putting together cool/fun outfits that not just anyone can pull off, but is unique to myself. I love anything from tights, gladiator sandals, beanies, to skorts, skirts and boho dresses -no item of clothing is off limits for me!
dorathelauren on October 04
My personal style revolves around comfort. I like my flip-flops, my shorts, and my loose tees, but I like to add casual layers on top of those items during the colder months, like a loose-fitting cardigan or a cool jacket, as well as some simple accessories, such as a little bracelet or a long necklace.
maymaylove on October 04
I'm very casual and relaxed. But I like the sweet and delicate stuff paired with leather moto jackets. I would probably wear something like this with leggings, moto jacket, boots, and a knit scarf and hat, with gold necklaces and rings and bright bold red lips.
LauraFeinson on October 04
My style is very casual/girly. Has it is heading to Summer in my country I'm in love with lace! Shorts and dresses with hints of lace are definitely my favourite thing to wear in Spring/Summer.
Geraldyne on October 04
My style is feminine, trendy and comfortable and sometimes a little edgy rocker. I love dresses, skirts and coats :)
JackieAlley on October 04
My style is probably a cuter more soft girly style. I love over sized sweaters and cardigans. And I love to layer them over top of dresses and skirts. Tights are also a big part of my style. I wear a lot of girly clothes but some days I like to mix it up and go for a more edgy look. None of my outfits are complete with out accessories like jewelry, scarves, glasses, etc. :)
ClarissaLoy on October 04
My personal style is to dress to my own comfort. Love wearing a simple plan camisole with a skirt and a plaid shirt around my waist and drmats. Since my country is always summer, i can't layer clothes for Fall. (: <3
buriburisa on October 04
I love Vintage style :)) I love beautiful lace, flower headband, flowery skirt, long skirt, boots, Autumn and ...anything that is vintage.. so that is my style !
Demonkawala on October 04
I really like the boho style mixed with an edgy rocker vibe
qurtilol on October 04
My style hmm, that's a tricky one, hard to express in words. But my style is called BohemianVintage I would say!
pancicah on October 04
i would call my style edgy princess maybe... I love princessy dresses and pink but somethimes I look edgy:D
AhnaColbert on October 04
My personal style varies between my confidence levels, but mostly I like to dress "shy and mysterious" with edgy features. I am loving dark colors like black and taupe with lace and also bold prints. I go for a chic/punk daring style, either paired with a bold red or scarlet/burgundy lip and a side braid or punk high pony. My style is similar to your Victoria Beckham dress with rustic combat boot.
ShiminW on October 04
My personal style revolves around my mood and surrounding. Sometime I may want to dress comfy and laid back but with a slight edge! At other times, I may go all crazy and incorporate a crazy and fun outfit :D Moreover, my style is usually crazy, and I'll always want to try something different! -Shi Min Ps. I love you guys and you've always have been an inspiration to me (:
Q2HAN on October 22
we love trying different styles to challenge ourselves as well :) You are the winner for 1000 chic points giveaway :) Thanks for the sweet comments Shimin!! xx
hazelkrisferrando on October 04
Awesome Bag!!! Cute look =)
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