Thank God for Maxi Skirts

Updated on Sep 22, 2013
Bershka skirt - Gap shoes - Michael Kors bag - Lefties blouse
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Colourvibes 's Thoughts:

Hola! Está haciendo un clima espectacular y yo todavía sin poder pisar la playa, me parece que para cuando se recupere mi dedo ya el otoño estará aquí de lleno! Y como sigo sin poder moverme mucho y limitada por mi dedo, las fotos de hoy son cerca de casa e inluso así he ido en carro para “evitar la fatiga”! Mi look de hoy es sencillo, con colores y prendas básicas cuyo toque especial sin duda le dan los complementos. Amo las faldas largas y por suerte nunca pasan de moda ya que me están resultando la prenda perfecta para poder esconder mi pie poco “fashion”. Les dejo con mi look de hoy y reitero eso de… “Gracias por la existencia de las faldas largas”!!

Hello!! The weather is awesome and I still here a home without being able to go to the beach. I think that by the time my toe gets better autumn will be here! Since my movements stills a little bit limited, today’s pics are close to home, even that I had to go with the car to avoid the “fatigue”! My look is simple and with basic garments, maybe the special touch is given but the accessories as always. Lucky me that I love maxi skirts and have few of them because they are the perfect garment to hide my not so fashion toe! Hope you like today’s look and I can only say… Thank Good for maxi skirts!

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TheSkirtedBoy on September 22
we're all must say thank for God for the maxi skirts!love your style,and your skirt is amazing! voted and follow you :)
Colourvibes on September 22
Thank you again!! Muack!!! XoXo!!
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