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Updated on Mar 31, 2009
blue my favorite filenes basement jeans - black thrifted boots
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queenelizabeth 's Thoughts:

(sorry for the fuzzy pic)

So I stayed home from school yesterday (minor sickness, I’m fine now) and basically spent the day doing homework, sewing, and watching The Music Man (as is my nature.) I actually wore this on Friday – I tend to wear simpler/more boring (depending on your point of view) outfits on Fridays, just because I’m so tired at the end of the week and don’t have the energy to think of outfits or get dressed creatively. This is my standard plain tee + favorite jeans + favorite boots combo, plus my amazing tailcoat. I feel like it’s a little bit sacriligeous (spelling?) to wear this coat with such a boring outfit, but at the same time I like how it gives the illusion that wearing this jacket is such a casual thing. You know, like Oh, I can’t think of a new outfit today, I’ll just wear a T-shirt and jeans, and it’s a little chilly outside, so I guess I’ll throw on a jacket or something…which just happens to be a tailcoat.

In other news, I’ve decided I’m not dressing crazy enough, compared to some of my previous outfits. Maybe it’s time to bust out the tutu again…or start wearing things upside down like I used to. Any ideas? I’m sort of stuck in a rut right now, which is really depressing/midlife-crisis-esque and I’m hoping to get out of it as soon as I can get a good night’s sleep and my brain is back to working properly.

One final note – the hole in my jeans keeps growing bigger and bigger. Sometimes I wonder why it’s only on one knee and not the other – do I have an especially pointy knee or something? And then other times I wonder which will happen first: the hole spreading all the way around the leg, or me outgrowing these pants to the extent that my legs being stuffed inside them isn’t remotely attractive anymore. :/

Comments (16)

10cherrycola on April 11
love that jacket!!!
alwaysinvogue7 on May 10
antoineh on April 16
I love your jacket !! Great chictopia, great style. I'm fan.
Justine_ on April 11
Wow I love it ! Especially the jacket !
Annabu on April 02
fabolous jacket
MarlaSinger on April 01
love the jacket!
bgonzaga on April 01
Awesome military jacket <3
BedroomEyes on April 01
love that jacket!
kooffy7 on April 01
that military jacket is amazing!! wow... *envious*
MeMaria on April 01
really enjoyed reading you! love you jacket, make your outfit special
gladys_c on April 01
the tailcoat pumps new life into the basic tee-and-jeans combo!!
supervillain on March 31
Wicked jacket! Reminds me of our majorette days!
ThursdaysChild on March 31
"oh yeah I'll just throw on a... TAILCOAT" love that line. love the coat too... it's so cool! as for the hole...ripped things just rip easily, and I guess the other leg just doesn't have that little tear to start the process. maybe the left knee was more worn and ripped first (maybe you kneel down onto that leg more. anyway your legs are modelesque, so I say they rip before the 2nd option.
queenelizabeth on April 01
hee hee "modelesque", aww thanks :) what you said makes sense, maybe I cross one leg over the other more often. I don't really have a habit of getting down on one knee though...not a lot of marriage proposals going on in my life right now. :P
HelenZ (@helenzhu) on March 31
I know what you mean about feeling inspired. I feel like I am capable of putting together a great outfit every now and then, but to keep it up is a lot of pressure! I actually find dressing for special occasions kind of fun. Like picnic at the park, or museum day with parents. It's hard to be original ALL the time. That's why I look to Chictopia for more inspiration :-)
queenelizabeth on April 01
EXACTLY! I sort of get a boost of creativity every so often, but the rest of the time I dress really simply... it's usually all or nothing. (but I wish it could be "all" more often!)
calivintage on March 31
i really enjoyed reading this blog post! and i think it's awesome that you decided to throw on that tailcoat!!! love it!!! and if it makes you feel any better, i never wear anything even remotely wacky. i always play it too safe! you on the other hand... this is awesome!!!!!
queenelizabeth on April 01
Thanks! I do feel better now, as shallow as it seems, wearing crazy pieces like this tailcoat always cheers me up :)
cocorosa on March 31
wow wow wow!!!
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