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Updated on Sep 02, 2013
black Repetto shoes
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I’ve never had a pet. Oh, sure, there was the class rabbit that stayed over one weekend and a stubborn goldfish bought for my brother who clung to life in his bowl for almost ten years, but those don’t really count. Nor do the many dogs and cats I temporarily borrowed from friends and relatives over the years. The thing is, you see, that although I love animals I only love them when they’re cute and fluffy and amusing, not when they throw-up a hairball on my living room floor. That’s what made Porkie the ideal pet – he came with our apartment and quickly endeared himself to us by practically leaping into our bag of takeout Vietnamese food on the night we arrived in Paris last September. He didn’t ask for much, just a place to hang out during the day where he was the only cat around {because he and his brother, Beans, have a conflicted relationship that mostly involves hissing and batting.} I worked, he napped on the couch next to me. I never had to feed him – although heaven forbid I left a croissant on the counter, he would spend hours attacking its packaging in a desperate attempt to free it, although he never did succeed – and he left when he was ready. {Or, at least, with limited protest when I picked him up and carried him out the door.} He was a constant fixture in our Paris life, whether scratching at our door or sitting in the hall in the dark, hoping to sneak in when one of us opened the door without looking. He wasn’t my pet, but he was my friend, and I find it a little hard to imagine walking into our building and not finding him asleep in the foyer with all four paws in the air. I suppose, as Humphrey Bogart famously said, we’ll always have Paris.

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fashionluvr on September 02
pretty look
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