le sac, le chic?

Updated on Mar 30, 2009
American Apparel dress - Steve Madden shoes
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calivintage 's Thoughts:

ok, i’m going to admit it. i don’t use my self-timer, i make my boyfriend take all my pictures! he was working extra today because of the holiday, so i was left all to my lonesome with no way to take photos. i decided to experiment with the self-timer… i don’t have a tripod, so i set up the camera on a table, balanced on it’s side with a stack of books. hah, it came out…. okayyyy.

i wanted to take photos of my american apparel le sac dress because i love it. i have recently become a fan of these weird shapeless pieces that you can wear in a million different ways. also easy on the wallet.

i had my doubts about this dress, but so far, i’m enjoying the outcome. i tend to choose items that have a minimizing effect on my bust because i’m a little large up top (32dd) and i’m very modest about it. i just get so uncomfortable showing cleavage or accentuating my bustline, so i tend to cover up. not to say that i can’t sometimes enjoy my, uh, endowment. (hence, the dress) haha!

do you dress for your shape or do you say the hell with it? are the rules made to be broken, or do we live and breath by them?

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awesomevegan on April 16
Looks so good on you! I am wearing my Le Sac as a high waisted skirt today. I like it that way. I was playing with it as a dress but it seems short on me I think I need to pair it with some tights. I am not used to short dresses on me. I have the sample color red and white stripes (with black Le String). I wonder if it is shorter or if it just my body type LOL.
ilovered on August 01
love your shoes
aranell on April 05
I lalalalove this look! Just... perfect. You've made me want the dress and I've never looked at it twice before now! I feel your pain as a 32E girl! It's so tough... if I wear high necks, I somehow look matronly and even bigger than I am, but anything low shows masses of cleavage. You've found the perfect balance here :) If you don't mind me asking, what are you doing bra-wise in these pics?
kashuler on April 05
Im not always fond of how I look but dressing up makes me feel a bit better. I love the Le Sac Dress. I got one in orchid and am still trying out different styles. I love how you did yours.
stylish on April 01
I meant you look differently beautiful:-)
stylish on April 01
you look so different in these pics, perhaps for different hairstyle
MarlaSinger on April 01
lovely dress <3
sazzychiq on April 01
lucie on March 31
love your outfit!
lydia on March 31
I flip flop between being super concious about my shape...and then saying to hell with it and wearing what I think is cute, not nesscarily what would be deemed "most flattering". As they say, confidence is key... You look super cute and I really like how you styled this =D
lydia on March 31
Thank you! And ditto. by the way...this link has to do with that post about black shorts (although thrifting some might be a more cost friendly option) http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?itemdescription=true&itemCount=60&id=15551740&parentid=W_APP_DRESSES&sortProperties=&navCount=30&navAction=poppushpush&color=01
calivintage on March 31
well you should feel good! you've got killer style! and i dig.
lydia on March 31
Ha, I wish! I don't mean to be self-deprecating, I just mean that I don't always feel like I look perfect...Sometimes I feel pretty damn good though :P
calivintage on March 31
ah, but you always look perfect!!!!!
aivanmagno on March 31
cool dress. you're pretty! :) chic!
ThuggBunn33 on March 31
love it! love the shoes and dress great combination...
heartbreakkid on March 31
your dress is really beautiful, and those shoes too :)
RazzleDazzleMe on March 31
I want one so bad now. I have a rather large chest too. Finding dresses that won't show my cleavage is so freaking hard. I hate how most tops don't fit me or look right. I have one rule if any line or stripes are going through my chest, I won't buy it.
RazzleDazzleMe on March 31
I get my pants tailored. I'm short, 5'2''.
calivintage on March 31
yes, me too!!! same exact problem. if i had the money, i'd get things tailored, but i'm far away from that option at the moment.... maybe when i'm old and rich! haha!
RazzleDazzleMe on March 31
It's so hard because if I go a size up then it's really big around my arms and waist. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one with size issues.
calivintage on March 31
yes, i feel your pain!!
ishayshaixa on March 31
very classy dress and shoes!
inKARLcerating on March 31
love the dress! very elegant
fifthofjuly on March 31
I do believe rules are meant to be broken, but that you need to be conscious of how you look in something and not just wear it cos everyone else is. Like even if tees with cut off sleeves become crazily in fashion, I will never wear them because they make me look like A MAN. I love the colour of your dress though, you look very pretty in it. :)
libys11 on March 30
you look great in that dress!!!! i was supposed to get that one in AA too.. but when i tried it, it was too long for me and the style weren't as pretty anymore. hahaha! show us different ways to use it, ok? im addicted with multi-purpose clothing too! :D
woohoo on March 30
You look great :D I also think self timer experiment was a great success too. I think I need the dress, really bad. It definitely looks better on. And I must say, I am jealous of your womanly figure! Love the cute + sexy combination that you've got going on. Kinda ironic thus, hella cool!
nomoremsg on March 30
i ordered this dress online and i can't wait to get it! i thought it was really short, but seeing it on you... i'm glad that it's not too revealing! and, yes, i dress for my shape. i believe in proportion!
xelayu on March 30
the dress is so pretty dear, and it fits great on u!!!:D the shoes are nice too!:D and about the bustline thing...hahah, im kinda jealous coz i have nothing to show up there ,hehehe:D
_ANITA on March 30
...but i don't like the idea of having to dressing for anyone else but for myself.
calivintage on March 30
aha, i think i know what you mean!!!
_ANITA on March 30
oi i have the lesac dress too. but i find it too long... am i a slut to be saying this? anyways i think it might look and fit better on girls with an actual chest, like you! it fits you really good. abt your dressing your shape - sometimes i think when people say, "this will completely flatter your figure" means that it appeals to men. not like there is anything wrong with that...
calivintage on March 30
yes, i like your insight! and no, i like short dresses, too! hehe. you can always cut the hemline shorter! ;)
lish on March 30
you look gorgeous!!!
storets on March 30
OMG! I went blind!
eatyourtofu on March 30
I almost didn't recognize you in the style gallery, only because you normally don't expose much skin, and you look gorgeous! That dress looks perfect on you, and I'd love to see the other ways you plan to wear it. As for shape dressing, I don't like the idea of having rules with what one should wear. I think anyone should be able to wear anything so long as they can pull it off!
calivintage on March 30
haha, it's true! i go to great lengths to use clothing for illusion! i guess i'm almost prudish the way i usually dress! haha! and thank you so much for your compliments! :)
megz29_29 on March 30
love the dress! Looks great with the shoes!
nihonfleur on March 30
You look absolutely amazing!!! After following your chicblog I would have to say that you do dress them down-I wouldn't have guessed. I personally say to hell with the rules- I could never say no to a cute dress!
calivintage on March 30
hehe. it's all about illusion. and thank you!!! :)
paulinabelle on March 30
the dress looks fantastic on you!!!
pincaboo on March 30
I love the dress on you. I went to try it on and i hated it but now looking at it on you makes me second guess it. maybe it was the color I was trying it was grey. You look beautiful.
KristaniA on March 30
this dress suits you perfectly! so jealous that you're very well endowed! my asian genes prevent me from having the "girls" larger than 34B! hahaha... do they still have that dress at AA??
calivintage on March 30
hehe, and here i am jealous of those with a smaller size... and yes, they still have the dress in tons of different colors and different straps, too!
ivywang on March 30
WOW 32DD? Holy crap, I'm so jealous. I'm a 34A/small B! It's so strange though 'cause I've never noticed your big bust in your photos - so I guess you're doing a good job concealing it! :) Also, I don't really follow the "rules" 'cause not every piece is going to look the same just because some girl & I have "similar" body types but I DO know when something looks like crap on me. Cute dress!
calivintage on March 30
i guess that's how it goes, coz i'm totally jealous of you! we always want what we don't have, huh? but yes, i am totally one of those people who is (usually) a slave to the rules. and thank you!!!!
iheartdresses on March 30
this dress is very awesome! it looks really nice on you and the color is really nice too:) and good job with the photos, yours turn out a heck of alot better than mine lol:) and sometimes I dress for my shape but other times if I like something so much but it may not 100 suit me i'll still wear it anyhows haha!
sandynguyen8 on March 30
lissakahayon on March 30
Pretty, pretty dress!!!!!
idee_geniale on March 30
Umm, am I the last person on earth to NOT know about this dress??!! It looks amazing on you!
ellabella on March 30
wow, this dress looks great on you! i can't wait to see the other ways you wear it.
lifeinsideamusicbox on March 30
this is gorgeous!! the shoes are amazing. the dress really looks fantastic, and it's even more impressive from my perspective - I'm the same bra size as you, so I know what a challenge it can be! to your question, i do try to dress for my shape. I end up somewhere between emphasizing my waist and de-emphasizing my chest (fear of looking matronly) but if I love something I'll wear it anyways :)
calivintage on March 30
yes! i'm glad you left a comment! you feel my pain! sometimes it feels like one has to dress for their shape or like you say, we end up looking matronly. it's a tough balance. and thanks for the compliments!
tasnimaaa on March 30
i like to dress according to my shape, but i also experiment with clothing for other shapes, because you'll never know what to expect unless you try it on. many times i've bought dresses for a fuller figure (as i am built like a little boy), but there's nothing a belt can't fix! =)
lforlmr on March 30
love it
NASTYGAL on March 30
so classy. love it.
nathanielt148 on March 30
stunning..you look great!
FashionReady on March 30
that color looks great on you!! love your shoes!! as to an answer to your question, i'm not really sure if I dress for my shape but if it's flattering then that's always a plus. I guess if something looks great then it shouldn't matter what the rules are. :)
MeMaria on March 30
lovely drees and great shoes!
aNIKaP on March 30
Love this! I dress for my shape most of the time. But for the most part I like to wear pieces that accentuate the parts that I like the best. (For me, my waist) But sometimes I just don't care because I like a piece of clothing too much :)
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