Ode To Glastonbury

Updated on Jul 02, 2013
pink vintage dress - black vintage hat - hot pink Topshop socks
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VintageRoseWardrobe 's Thoughts:

Yay, an outfit post! This is an outfit that I feel is befitting a festival, like Glastonbury. Sure, the weather is normally a bit rubbish in England, but look how colourful it is! I bought the vintage dress off eBay for a mere £4.70 including postage, and I absolutely love it! I chose to wear the hat because I thought it matched the hippy, Stevie Nicks’ asthetic, which I seem to be loving at the moment. This ensemble was worn out last weekend and I got a few dirty looks, but who cares, right? Boring people are boring.

I thought that my new jelly shoes would look perfect with these frilly socks from Topshop; I feel that I ought to build up a whole collection of cute socks! Having said that, I really should be saving my money. I’m currently in my prolonged summer holiday, having finished my exams just over 2 weeks ago now. Unfortunately, a lack of money hasn’t meant that I’ve been able to get out that much, but I’ve been volunteering at a local charity shop to pass the time and to gain some experience. I’ve been selling items on my eBay account though, so if you’re into vintage then please check them out here.

I now have Ask.fm, so if there is a question that you’d like to ask me (check the sidebar), then please go ahead! You don’t need an account to ask a question!

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JenskaJenni on July 03
Perfect dress. Awesome look! fav!
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