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Updated on Jun 23, 2013
Zara jacket - Pimkie dress - Jessica Simpson heels
Pimkie-dress-zara-jacket-jessica-simpson-heels Zara-jacket-pimkie-dress-jessica-simpson-heels Zara-jacket-pimkie-dress-jessica-simpson-heels Zara-jacket-pimkie-dress-jessica-simpson-heels Zara-jacket-pimkie-dress-jessica-simpson-heels
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RockaFollow 's Thoughts:

There is something very beautiful about fringe dresses, they remind me of another era, one tinted in black and white, where women were starting to claim their place in society, WW I had just finished and WWII was yet far along the road: the 20′s

Freedom, that’s what comes to my mind when thinking on fringes, along with movement and happiness.

There is no doubt that this kind of dresses, and fringes in general, have endured well in time. Who can forget the boom fringes had a few years ago? you could find them everywhere: accessories, jackets, dresses, even shoes. I have to admit, I still love the fringe purse I bought back then, and the best part is that it remains fashionable.
That’s because fringes are timeless, and timeless is one of my favorite words on the fashion dictionary, it’s something I look for in every item.

This look was a personal take on fringe dresses, with, I admit it, a little inspiration from the Great Gatsby. The jacket gives a modern twist, zebra printed in the inside and crazy orange in the outside, it makes you think “fun in the inside and more fun in the outside”.

If you find a cute fringe dress you like, please, don’t hesitate in buying it, they are timeless and versatile pieces: with some changes in the accessories they can come out with a different vibe each time you wear them.

One last tip, when using fringed dresses be careful, You can get tangled to pretty much anything around you.

Hope you like this look. Thanks for reading!

Comments (2)

LuanaRios on July 10
Perfect shoes!!!
queenodelia on June 23
the jacket almost looked like a blazer!!!! i had to look twice!!! love the "camoflauge"/trickery(?) thats sooo coool :D
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