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Updated on Jun 18, 2013
blue bandeau Attention swimwear - black high waisted Guess swimwear
Black-ebay-sunglasses-black-high-waisted-guess-swimwear Blue-bandeau-attention-swimwear-black-high-waisted-guess-swimwear
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LeahLiddell 's Thoughts:

After a lot of searching starting last year, and finally ending a few weeks ago~ I found my new summer swim bottoms. My high waisted bottoms from last year (or maybe it was the year before? I don’t know) are now too loose and just don’t look as cute as they did 25 pounds ago ;)

I really had hoped to spend less than $50, but these were pretty much that price. But it’s worth it if I have a great pair of bottoms that will go with my cheaper tops.

Which, by the way, I got this one half off! Can you believe it’s from kmart? The best part is that the straps are mesh, so they don’t dig into my skin like a lot of the straps do (especially against the back of my neck).

But on a personal level, can I just add how amazing it feels to wear a bikini and not feel like I’m not even worth the term “human”. Harsh yeah, but that’s how I felt about my body for the longest time. That I wasn’t worth anyones kindness because I was terrible looking and deformed. It wasn’t until I discovered the amazing world of fatshion that I began to realize that being me is ok. That I’m amazing just the way I am. Losing weight hasn’t made me feel any better about myself, if anything it’s made me a bit harder on myself. But I can say with all honesty, that I now have more good days than bad with my body. I can walk around a crowded beach in a bikini- without a cover- and feel at peace with who I am, and I don’t worry about how others see me. And that’s pretty damn beautiful.

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sensiblestylista on July 17
Such a cute suit +1
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