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Updated on Mar 15, 2009
dress - boots - sweater - scarf
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LadySmaggle 's Thoughts:

Today I got up at 5.30am to drive Mr Smaggle to the airport. I then went to school, drew a couple of REALLY bad ring designs and now I’m watching 90210 before I start sending my desperate job hunting emails of the day. Woot.

Tights from DFO in Canberra (these are awesome! They are from the Table Eight outlet and are really thick stocking-like tights. I love them a lot.) Boots from Red Paths in Canberra Knit dress thrifted from Salvos in Canberra T-shirt from Target Hooded cardigan from Harem in Melbourne (this awesome store I discovered on Brunswick Street a few years ago it’s very Allannah Hill only half the price) Scarf from DFO in Canberra

Here a few lady loves… I’m looking on the bright side today!

Spending the whole weekend with my face planted firmly against Mr Smaggle’s. Just where it should be. Roomy Smaggle leaving little cheer-up books in my room for me to read. Co-Dependent Smaggle inviting me for a pasta sleep over tonight. Making plans to hang with old friends this week. I’ve been a bit of a recluse lately. The Queen Vic Markets. I’ve been going every Sunday and stocking up on veggies and fruit and spending less than $10. Yay! Tiffany Amber Thiessen. I’m seriously ensconced in Season 5 of 90210 at the moment and minus the high waisted jeans, tummy tops and uber-layered 90’s bob, I truly believe that she is the most perfectly proportioned female specimen. She is also deliciously complex and needy. I’m so jealous. Finding things at school that I’m actually good at. Rivetting. Drilling. Anything involving power tools. I’m doing Daddy Smaggle proud.

What about you lovely one? Anything tickling your pickle today?

Love Lady Smaggle


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