How To Scare Off The Other Woman

Updated on May 21, 2013

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evylee on October 23
Buen look :)
ish22 on September 05
cowboy style !!!!!!!
iAndreea on August 20
Nice article and I really like the photo! Good work!:)
sensiblestylista on July 04
LOVE your jacket +1
iloverudybaby on June 20
I love this article and it's so true. My boyfriend can't take his hands off me when I wear skinny jeans. I will say however that a lot of guys I encounter love sultry red lips. When I wear a bold red lip it just has some magnetic power that draws my boyfriend in every time. ;)
timetakesmymind on June 11
Basically, you want to be hell on heels.
MerelyMere on June 10
Wow, how original. Other women are the enemy in the ongoing battle to secure male attention. Need help? Buy these things and these things.
patlaenz on June 11
its not only that...its a real issue sometimes and a battle as well(w certaind kind of women)its not gender discrimination
penelope204 on June 10
I found this article quite funny lol
MackenzieDunn on June 10
This article is fantastic! You nailed it. Completely. Just about all of us have been here and you articulated the experience to a T.
patlaenz on June 10
great article,i didnt had this problem until a few months ago,and with a really close friend flirting w him in my face,felt like being stabed in the back w 100 knifes
kathcat on June 10
got kick out of this ;)
Shanafay on June 10
What a great article! We'll def be following ur steps next time 'the other woman' is in my territory haha Yor are a awesome writer, will be following ur blog xx
MoiContreLaVie1 on June 10
Love it!
GeorgiePorgie on June 10
"Now, this does not mean pairing a teensy-weensy body-con dress with sky-high stilettos. Sure, you’ll have his attention, but “daddy issues” is not the message we’re going for" I found this line super offensive and even though i get its supposed to be funny "daddy issues" is just a really terrible term
sciencegirl on June 10
Abigail - it won't let me reply to your comment directly, so, I'm glad it's meant to be humorous, and actually as it happens I'm contentedly single at the moment! :p
yannahchou on June 10
I would love to read more of your blogs :)
yannahchou on June 10
I just can't move on to how good this is I had to tweet it. <3 More power!
AbigailHavern on June 10
Awww thanks! Happy you got a kick out of it :)
yannahchou on June 10
<3 this. I saw it pop on my email and it already caught my attention in a split second. I love how fun you've wrote it down. I can relate. And I say this WORKS. +1 Favorited and now following you :)
sciencegirl on June 10
Wow, I hope this article is tongue-in-cheek, because if not then it's actually quite sad. If you are going out with a guy who is so shallow that he only likes you for the way you look and you have to make a desperate attempt to "dress sexy" to get his attention then you're probably better off without that jerk and trying to find someone who likes you for - wait for it - the person you are?
AbigailHavern on June 10
It's definitely supposed to be a playful article - but for the record, I'm assuming the guy you're dating won't have any of it, but the other woman just won't back off!
KarenTaylor on June 10
It's not the women I want to scare off!
RaimoVahteristo on June 10
Salem on May 29
Great look! I wish I was as tall as you are though, haha. Oh well...If you've got it, flaunt it :)
AmeliaSBoswell on May 26
I really love this. If I get a bf and I see an ex of his get to chummy I'll be strutting my stuff and looking all awesome and stuff. love xxx
boredstephanie on May 25
honestly, I don't feel the need to put so much effort into dressing for some girl who has her eye on my man. I'll dress up for my bf, but not her. I trust my bf enough not to be threatened by other girls.
Huslette on June 10
DelightfulDecember on May 27
This is not to say I dislike the style ideas from this post. I think leather jackets and cat eyes are pretty badass hawt! However, I completely agree with boredstephanie on this. I'm sure my guy can handle this if a gal gets too close on him-- even if I look like a dainty librarian, lol.
destroyed on May 23
LapinNoir on May 23
this is great!! my favorite part: "she’ll be sure to keep her filthy paws off his silky drawers." too good!! :D
HelenZ (@helenzhu) on May 23
I am now afraid to be the other woman
blushandbangs on May 22
great jacket!
inthecheckoutline on May 22
love jacket
purplewang on May 21
Look at that FACE. So well written and great tips too!
fashionluvr on May 21
Love it ... I feel like I just acquired some insight into the female psyche. :) Great look by the way!
MerelyMere on June 10
You haven't.
anonymours on May 21
corinney (@corinney7) on May 21
Great tips here! I'd like to add, if you have a body part your guy likes in particular, that's the part worth accentuating! I also agree that attitude is key. Don't give the other girl any reason to point out a "flaw" by being insecure or clingy. If you're an awesome gal and get along with your guy, she's got nothing on you.
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