RoKo Fashion 23.22" Kanekalon Middle Parting Long Straight Hair Wig Yellow Brown

Updated on May 07, 2013
RoKo Fashion hair accessory
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RoKo_Fashion 's Thoughts:

This kind of wig can meet your needs for different hairstyles. The wig is made of high quality material, soft and elastic, and closer to the real hair. It features fashionable hairstyle and soft touch, comfortable to wear and easy to clean. Besides, it has an adjustable cap which is suitable for most people. So you can change your hair style anytime anywhere. This beautiful wig will be an ideal choice for you, especially for people who often join the party. Hesitate not, order it now!

This stylish hair wig will give you a beautiful & stunning perfect look
Hair wig is a must-have fashion accessory for you
This beautiful hair wig is a perfect choice to change your hair style
Adjustable band makes this wig wear more comfortable, fits most people
With this hair wig, you can attend Halloween, party, concerts, wedding and any other occasions

Style: Fluffy
Material: Kanekalon
Length: 23.22" / 59 cm
Weight: 10.58oz / 300g
Color: Yellow brown
Package Includes
1 × 23.22″ Kanekalon Middle Parting Long Straight Hair Wig Yellow Brown

Extra Info
Brush your own hair back and tie it with rubber bands if it is long.Stretch the wig cap over your head to make sure your hair is placed as flat to the head as possible. And you can use clips to keep your hair and wig cap from

Put on the wig and make sure your own hair is completely covered. Then adjust your wig to fit your head size with adjustable straps and prevent the wig from slipping. Use hairspray before and after use to make the wig look natural and soft

Grasp the adjustable strap of the wig and shake it gently for fluffy effect. If you want to make the top of the wig fluffy and natural, you can use comb teeth upright to scrape the hair roots

Comb the hair tail of wig firstly, and then comb it through from the top down

A slight color difference is inevitable, because of different hair brightness caused by different interior lights, as well as different displays
Different ways of handling the same wigs will create different hair styles. You can trim or handle your wig according to your own face contour and style. For example, if you are a girl with a small forehead, you could cut the fringe of wig short. If you like Full Bang, you can trim the Bang in the same length. There are some notices in handling curly wig. You can make curly effect by fluffing out the wig with hands or steel comb. Please comb the long curly wig by sections separately instead of combing it from top to bottom, so as to avoid wig damage and knot
The wig adopts Kanekalon material and please don´t perm or dyed, because there is still a difference between natural hair. If need, you can go to the professionals to get your wig cut
Try to keep the wig away from high temperature, because they cannot withstand high heat for its material except those made of high temperature resistant fiber
Brush the wig gently. You should comb out the wig before wearing and brush it a little after wearing is done. Loose tooth brush is your first choice, but do not brush it harshly in order to avoid hair loss
Avoid using clips that might easily damage net cap, but the decorative headbands are available to hold hair in place
It is normal that there is hair loss problem during wearing. The hair loss results from the loose part of production process, and it will disappear in several brushings
If you find any knots, please don´t pull, spray a thin layer of non-oily conditioner and gently comb the knots out. The conditioner can make wig smooth and be against static
Do not spray gel water, hair pomade and more that are used on real hair, for the hairsprays make your wig greasy
Static is usually a problem for your hair in the winter months. To get perfect hairstyle, you can touch the wall to discharge static before styling your hair to avoid causing tangles

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