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Updated on Apr 16, 2013
dark green jacket Jacket jacket - navy jeans Big Star USA jeans
Navy-jeans-big-star-usa-jeans-dark-green-jacket-jacket-jacket Dark-green-jacket-jacket-jacket-navy-jeans-big-star-usa-jeans Dark-green-jacket-jacket-jacket-navy-jeans-big-star-usa-jeans
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BobbyR 's Thoughts:

Hey guys!
My apologies for not making a blog post sooner, there hasn’t been much internet access during my #TRIP, but I will soon post my photo journey at Coachella and I really can’t wait to share it with you!
I rarely get the opportunity to travel by plane, so I was really excited to take some photos at the #AIRPORT before leaving. I’ve always been fascinated to see what kind of things people wear when flying. They are either dressed for comfort or for business. I find it quite chilly so I made sure to wear a jacket and some jeans for #COMFORT. The outfit that I’m wearing is from Big Star. While winning the contest I was also able to blog on their instagram account! I wanted to thank you all once again for helping me win the contest, and allow me to have the most incredible Coachella experience of a life time! There will be a blog post each day that I was there, and don’t forget about my dare challenge! I will most likely save the best for last!

Check out more photos from my trip at

As some of you may know, my friend Gary was selected to be on the first season of Big Brother Canada. Unfortunately he was voted out a few weeks ago – but I knew it wasn’t over. You can vote for him to get back in the BB House!
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If you’ve been watching, you know that he really has been the highlight of the show.
Not only will Gary be back, but his alter ego Zoe Winbur!

Comments (4)

fashionsample on April 20
Nice outfit. I love your hair!
LayMarie on April 17
Love your style !
bilzy on April 16
rad jacket bob!!! nice +1!
Zackt on April 16
Hey bobby, I m pretty sure u had a really good trip! Can't wait for u to share it more with us. U look stunning yet still you in this look! I guess what's we love about u! Have a good day! ;-)
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