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Updated on Apr 09, 2013
sky blue 501 Levis jeans - aquamarine festive offyourface bracelet
Sky-blue-501-levis-jeans-aquamarine-festive-offyourface-bracelet Sky-blue-501-levis-jeans-aquamarine-festive-offyourface-bracelet Sky-blue-501-levis-jeans-aquamarine-festive-offyourface-bracelet Sky-blue-501-levis-jeans-aquamarine-festive-offyourface-bracelet
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BobbyR 's Thoughts:

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When I heard about the Levi’s project I wanted to do something special to my 501 original jeans.
I spent a few days hand beading and stitching cut pieces of leather to the details of my jeans.
The most important detail is the alpha beads that I had found last minute at the craft store. The package of beads were a little over my shopping budget but I really thought they would make these jeans that much more special for this one time only project. I honestly didn’t know where I was going with this DIY creation and had made many mistakes, but overall I’m proud to say that I was able to turn those mistakes into the best parts of these jeans! I had outlined the back pocked of the jeans with mustard yellow paint and didn’t like the way it had turned out so I added some red paint to cover it while finishing it off with some wooden beads. Then for the best part I cut a circular hole in the pocket and make a unique dream catcher like detail. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it, which really makes these jeans a one of a kind creation.

So after I created these jeans I was soooo excited to take the pictures with them, when my camera suddenly stopped working! I had to take it to the repair so I ended up shooting the photos with an awful point and shoot. To be honest they may have been the worst photos I have ever take in my life and spend hours trying to arrange a look with decent composition but it wasn’t possible. When I found out that the contest had been extended it was a sign that I had a second chance to photograph the look because I really didn’t want to settle for low quality photos for such wicked jeans, and I especially wanted to capture the detail that I worked so hard on. So that is when I ran out today in the rain and took these pictures while being able to borrow my sister’s camera. Actually the rain wasn’t the worst part because something went wrong with the memory card and had deleted all the photos after the first 20 minutes. It was quite discouraged after that had happend because I had given all of my effort and was pretty confident I had gotten the shot. Even though I had to start all over I was able pull through and finish with these photos! I hope it pays off and Levi’s likes my submission so I can give my DIY secrets and style tips at the lookbookparty in Sao Paulo, Brazil! but if not I still had a blast working to my fullest when ever there is a challenge my way, because that’s what keeps me going! After the shoot I was able to go to the mall and have some birthday ice cream with my friend Melynda. Thanks again everyone for all the wonderful birthday wishes, you all really made my day! I’m out of words grateful to have such support and I can’t wait to share more photos with you! Well I’m getting hungry now for some left over Birthday cake, so till next time!! Have a great week everyone!! Sincerely, Bobby

Comments (7)

amorphous_face on April 11
Dude, the dream catcher creation sounds wonderful. why didn't you show it in the photo?
HsuanFuLi on April 10
Nice pic n great style, Bobby!
gypsiejen on April 10
rad vest!
tastesandcolors on April 10
fantastic vest!
amorphous_face on April 09
Oh no now everything is going to have to match with your green hair. You did a good job here. Love the fringe vest.
anonymours on April 09
Nuki9210 on April 09
nice :D
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