what's in annabel's bag?

Updated on Jul 07, 2008

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bkgurl36 on January 20
nice! great color
Ayaka on October 30
maggiemay on December 11
moleskines are the best notebooks too :D
maggiemay on December 11
i love everything. makes me feel better about the face that i carry a camera with me two but mine is a kodakRetinette which i love a film camera!! mega hobby of mine too.
dress on September 29
I love those DARS chocolates! So creammyy...
clarecatastrophe on September 05
I love Sartre
mimoji on August 28
That heart compact is adorable, I'm so in love! [:
lisalovesyou on July 30
amber romance is suchhh a delicious smell. once i was wearing it when a cuddle sesh arose and the guy couldn't stop buring his face in my neck :D
elec_tric on July 18
You all should make a post about your make up routines!
caramia on July 10
I have that Minolta, but it's currently not working... which makes me incredibly sad. I don't know how to repair it.
MaleUgly on July 08
That's a hot bag, and camera!
MichelleYue on July 07
Moleskine!!! yay
natashachoo on July 07
does the minolta add alot of weight? i have a slr but bringing it ard everywhere is kinda impossible due to its weight. =x
annabel on July 07
yeah, it's super heavy!! i'm used to it now but when my shoulders get tired i hang it around my neck haha.

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