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Updated on Mar 31, 2013
Chiefs Merchandise hoodie - Doc Marten boots - Lulu Lemon leggings
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DissimilarFigure 's Thoughts:

This highlighter orange Chiefs sweatshirt just goes to show you can transform any piece of casual athletic wear into something more amiable to the eye. Beginning with the top half of my outfit, I threw on this old sweater (which very well could be my 9-year-old brother’s) as well as this long utilitarian army jacket. Not only does this camouflage jacket slightly counteract the bright worn hoodie, it also contributes to additional warmth for the remaining colder months. The jacket also provides a great eye-catching alternative for the popular military trend. I played my lower half down with some comfortable black leggings and my trustee ox blood Doc Martens. One great rule of thumb to follow is that when you are wearing a very noticeable piece of clothing in your outfit, try to throw in small simple pieces of jewelry that one wouldn’t normally notice. For example, I wore this delicate cross necklace around my hoodie. Accessories such as this necklace can make or break the outfit, opt for smaller pieces and these will help you make the most attractive statement. I wore these sheer poke-a-dot socks for detailed texture as well as a definite contrast between my dark leggings and deep undertones in my docs. Circle Sunnies inspired from John Lennon and the quirky 70′s decade protected my eyes from the sun. Finally to tie this entire outfit up I literally “tied” this 90′s velvet head wrap for a contrast of texture and time periods (laughs). I hope you all had a stellar February, and pass the good vibes to March!

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ProggaRashid on March 31
nice outfit!
DissimilarFigure on March 31
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