Black wristband sea themed pendants

Updated on Oct 18, 2013
3 Wind Knots bracelet
3-wind-knots-bracelet 3-wind-knots-bracelet 3-wind-knots-bracelet 3-wind-knots-bracelet 3-wind-knots-bracelet
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3windknotsjewels 's Thoughts:

There is a tradition for the Brazilian city of Salvador, which has stood for over 200 years – wearing silk bracelets which attract lady luck and good fortune. The ribbons were to be worn around the wrist or ankle, each of which had 3 knots for specific wishes. There is a belief that when the ribbons broke, the wishes came true.

3 knots 3 wishes collection jewels are created as coins which have the 3 wind knots symbol – the sea and the 3 wind knots, which from tradition, attract luck and good fortune into our lives.

Wear the jewel, and on each engraved wind knot think of a wish, and soon this wish will become true!

Black color meaning – Protection and Sophistication.
Pendants – anchor, fish, ship.

Satin wristband 100% polyester, length 60 cm.
3 Sterling silver 925 pendants, diameter 1.5cm each.
Packaging linen bag.

15 shades of meaningful wristbands:

Yellow – Knowledge & Intellect
Orange – Creativity, Enthusiasm, & Optimism
Light green – Possibilities, Luck & Growth
Green – Prosperity, Balance & Growth
Light Blue – Love & Peace
Blue – Trust, Peace, Loyalty & Integrity
Pink – Friendship, Harmony & Love
Red – Strength, Energy & Passion
Purple – Imagination & Creativity
Beige – Piety & Simplicity
Brown– Security, Protection & Material Wealth
Silver – Emotionality, Sensitivity & Mysteriousness
Light Brown – Friendship, Honesty & Genuineness
White – Wisdom & Inner Peace
Black – Protection & Sophistication

18 collection pendants:

1. ship
2. lighthouse
3. anchor
4. compass
5. life belt
6. ship wheel
7. fish
8. palm
9. sea star
10. sea gulls
11. sea horse
12. turtle
13. octopus
14. slippers
15. sea shell
16. dolphins
17. cocktail
18. shell

Please let us know about your preferred pendants!

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