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Updated on Mar 18, 2013
blue maxi chiffon JCP skirt
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musingsofacurvylady 's Thoughts:

I haven’t been feeling the greatest lately so when that happens I have to force myself to get dressed up. I might not be at my best but I don’t have to look like it! Getting dressed up is a quick and inexpensive pick me up.

Work has been crazy and when the weekend came around I was relieved to have no plans. I spent most of it indoors doing some spring cleaning and I’m just about done. Spring is in the air and I definitely needed to clean out my closet. Although it’s a daunting task that I never look forward to — it is a necessity; clearing out the old to make room for the new or sometimes the unworn. It’s so easy to overlook certain items (especially when you get a great haul on sale) never get to wear them and then rediscover fashion treasures that you forgot you had. It’s sort of like shopping without having to cough up the money the second time around. This outfit is a perfect example. I had it tucked away and wore it a while ago but it made its way out of the back of my closet and today seemed like a great day to wear bold bright colors (When is it never? I love color!)

So how do I determine what pieces make the cut? When cleaning out my closet I have a rule, if I haven’t worn it in a year it’s getting tossed. No ifs, ands or buts about it. Cleaning out my closet has to be an unemotional task. If I get to hung up on how I feel about a piece of clothing or an accessory that hasn’t been worn in years I would still be holding on to my metallic dolphin t-shirts from 6th grade. Sometimes you just have to let things go. I’m pleased with this seasons cut and I’m excited to add some new things to my wardrobe this spring and summer.

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fernandafgm on March 19
Love it!
tini_tani on March 19
So cool!
bkgurl36 on March 18
Lucyss on March 18
awesome skirt! +1
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