How to trim your own bangs

Updated on Jul 07, 2008

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MerryThePrankster on May 18
I cut my own hair all the time, and have never heard of this before. My curiosity is definitely piqued, and I can't wait to try this the next time I need a trim.
seanbri on May 03
hmm mm
tfzeng on November 24
great tip!
margiemermaid on November 05
super helpful :) thanks
200XX on April 24
sweet! thank you so much!!
gigifashion on January 04
I just tried it......thanks it worked great=D
Ciga on November 13
hmmm...great, i'll try!!~
brownmon on October 29
very clever.. will try later ;)
marzipanda on September 02
cutting my bangs now... :)
iman on August 02
how neat!
WorldUgly on July 16
i've not had a haircut for well over a year. i just grab them and snip away! when they've grown a bit i'm definitely trying this.
sugarxnspice on July 12
argh my fringe keeps going back to the side cos I used to have a side fringe. so even after i cut my bangs they dont behave :/
Angel_In_The_Pit on July 09
i do this little twist and snip technique when cutting my dogs hair lol
RichHippe on July 09
wow, that was great advice, gonna unbooke my appointment
MaleUgly on July 08
Hmm, I think I can do this, too! HairUgly? No... ShearUgly!
prettypirate on July 08
my salon (g squared in soma, SF) offers free bang trims if you are a previous client, but that is always a great tip for DIY! Nicely done!
JLo on July 08
wow it worked! i'm so impresed - even better than the hairdressers as well :D
the_kitten on July 08
WOW! I just laid hands on my bangs yesterday and now they look like a rat nibbled them for me. Will try your trick as soon as they are longer again!!!! Thanks for this!
emilyruth on July 08
this is incredibly helpful! my hair grows way too fast.
natashachoo on July 07
omg thanks a bunch! this is such a fuss-free way of trimming bangs. =)
jamiecassell on July 07
Did this today. Success!
CoedUgly on July 07
Starrgirl on July 07
I can't believe I've never heard of this before. I'm definitely trying it next time I need a trim!
kayli on July 07
that is GENIUS!!! :):) thanks for the tip!!! p.s. love your necklaces!
Josephine on July 07
omg this is GREAT! i have curly hair do you think ill work on me?!
Tali on July 08
hey! I have curly hair as well. This works fine, just make sure your hair is dry and straightened, makes sense since you'd prob wear your bangs straight anyway. just dont do it on wet'll come out shorter than you want :/
CoedUgly on July 07
bangs for curly hair is always questionable. you should talk to your stylist first!
Aliceinwonderland on July 07
Brilliant idea. I'm going travelling for a month so this will definitely come in handy!
FriChic on July 07
Haha, yesterday I was just wondering whether to cut my bangs on my own... today everyone is recommending how :) BTW I did cut them - saved some bucks and nerves to wait for an appointment!
adelejoanna on July 07
thats so cool! thanks for the tip :)
thenoircollective on July 07
that is amazing, im due for a trim, so i might as well do it myself. thanks!
s_s on July 07
um. wow. so i trim my fringe semi often myself quite successfully but i NEVER would've thought of that. Genius I say!

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