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b&w blazer - TM Lewin shirt - Diesel bracelet
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Akudosochim 's Thoughts:

The neck Tie has been worn over the years as a decorative accessory to men’s formal wears. It’s sole purpose it to decorate and to add colour and pattern to where it is lacking. Its idea was to provide a flourish of colour at the neck.

There have been early recordings of neckwear that dates back to the Roman Empire, but it was not until the 16th century that something akin to the modern, decorative tie appeared.

Looking back at some of the vintage ties made during the 18th and 19th centuries, there were extremely colourful and some full of beautiful and colourful prints. The Modern day tie is being accepted as part of a dress code but the importance is slowing dying.

Luckily there are still remnants of the striped tie lingering around. The striped tie dates back to the 1920s, and despite it’s frivolity, it’s origins are military. The British armed forces personnel at functions that required civilian dress wore back then striped ties.

After that, it became a symbol of membership to a group, a club, or college society with schools like Exeter College and Oxford donning them.

One of my Favourites is the polka dot tie. Sadly, its ability to amp an outfit is as strong as its ability to destroy one. But it’s best to be wise and wear them with either plain shirts or a dulled colour shirt, my advice is, if wearing with a brightly coloured shirt, let it be plain, or at most be striped; thin stripes. The main gist is to let the tie overshadow the shirt. Also, never wear a polka dot tie with a shirt that does not have a while collar. Heed my warning.

Another thing you do not want to do is mix colours with it. Always go with colours that are close to the same shade as the tie. I have on a black and white polka dot tie, so I chose a dark grey blazer, with a light grey vest, and plain white pocket square. The decorative power of the polka dot tie is a lot; so let it do the talking. The rest of the outfit can lay back.

Have fun styling. :)

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turcanudenisa on April 05
Akudosochim on January 09
Thank you :)
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