What You Can Learn from a Flight Attendant

Updated on Feb 28, 2013

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chic_pop on June 16
In love with the retro look, not to mention those scarves, ultra chic! :)
anniestylemaven on March 12
love this outfit!
Lallus6 on March 08
jeremyuk77 on March 06
i really love llight attendant uniforms! i think some are too fussy to be painfully honest. but keeping it simple and appealing, it works for me! i like the singapore airline style. and i really iike yours too and wearing it with over knee socks is a cute idea! great look!
alaLadywolf on March 04
I'm so happy you brought up Britney's "Toxic" music video; I thought of that video as soon as I saw this piece on flight attendant style! I loved her space age look! My blue pinafore (in my Pinafores article) reminds me of one too! Great article! And don't you love having a bob?! I know I love mine. :)
anniestylemaven on March 04
honeyfairy on March 03
andreeaberbece on March 01
LittleBee on February 28
This reminds me of the TV show Pan Am! I loved how flight attendants looked back then. I definitely think it's the scarf around the neck that really makes the female "flight attendant" look. I'm remembering the episode of SATC where Miranda pretended to be a flight attendant and wears s a scarf around her neck during her dinner date. :I Love your dress, btw!
VictorChan on February 28
lovely and simply Red.

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