5 Ways to Simplify Your Wardrobe

Updated on Feb 26, 2013

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SuzeV on May 16
I JUST cleaned my closet. I must admit that in about two weeks I will have to do it again. There are a few pieces, okay, a lot of them, that shouldn't be in there anymore. But dang, I just have to do it!
LuZazou on April 16
I'm thinking minimalism...and spring cleaning. I am detoxing my wardrobe.
Huslette on April 15
Great Article!
TheKnittyContessa on April 15
Great tips! Always quality over quantity. Just posted your link on my Facebook page, facebook.com/theknittycontessa
patlaenz on March 24
too basic its bored and I use clothes that remain unworn for a year or two,good tips anyway
Really good advice!
anniestylemaven on March 20
Great tips! Thanks for the post-- been thinking about doing some decluttering myself!
SabrinaTudorache on March 06
I definitely agree with you..I've been thinking lately to do this, but I guess I didn't have enough courage. Now, because of this article, I'll throw away some old stuff to let my style grow. Thanks!!! <3
purplewang on March 20
That makes me happy to hear that!
BosqueAgujas on March 06
I totally agree with you, it's better to invest in long-live clothes rather than throwing out our money in cheap clothes that long for a season. I'm gonna try the 333project.
lipglossandblack on March 03
I love this article Amy! It's totally in line with my new years resolution to really invest in fashion instead of giving in to the fast fashion items, I usually fall for. I've already got one full garbage bag from spring cleaning & I'm gonna keep going. :)
ahouseinthehills on March 02
VictorChan on February 28
summer white and denim blue is the best match all the time. PURPLEWANG shows the characteristic of layers of the clothing.
saweetbabe on February 28
I am constantly trying to re-vamp my closet! I started moving items that I haven't worn in a while to the front/middle and if they haven't moved or touched while being in plain sight, I know it's time to toss.
ErinD on February 27
True that! Great words, adorable look!
PynkNylon on February 27
Great article! Definitely in 'trim the fat' mode these days as well. Feels more authentic! LOVE THE SKIRT on you. Xx
Emethyst on February 27
like :)
rubysnpurls on February 27
Love this outfit!! I've been doing that with my closet too lately, "trimming the fat"!
stylenomad on February 27
haha "trimmed the fat" I love that term. I love eating fat though. Hm. Yes I was just gonna say I love how sophisticated this look is and the cut of that slit is so modestly provocative (oxymoron but you know what I mean!) I agree: were not minimalists but just decluttering and prioritizing!
Smash86 on February 26
Great article! I think my closet needs a good clean, time for new clothes!
NaomiAndLavender on February 26
this is just perfect--love that it's simple and chic!
TPRBT on February 26
tightsenthusiast on February 26
Love the tips and the shoes!
catiebeatty on February 26
Great article! I always use the "When was the last time I wore this?" prompt to get myself to get rid of things :) I don't totally agree with #4 though. Why should you get rid of sentimental things? You wouldn't get rid of a wedding dress! The reason you keep it is exactly that: sentimental!

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