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Updated on Feb 22, 2013
black leather Rebecca Taylor dress - crimson Zara boots
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LookSharpSconnie 's Thoughts:

I received an especially interesting comment on Wednesday’s post
from someone named Stephanie.

She wrote:

“I think you should give yourself a little more credit — it feels like the hot look right is above the shoulder, blunt or edgy hair, and I applaude you for rockin the long and straight. That seems like a choice that must deal with true personal style, no? "

I was shocked.

And ashamed.

Not only because the amount of energy I invest in my hair is far too little to be considered a conscious “style” decision,
but because I had (and have) quite seriously contemplated chopping it all off lately, per the apparent trend.

Strangely enough, I assumed that this cut, in fact, would be rebellious –
That changing my appearance drastically to adopt some avant-garde style was the ultimate indicator of individual style.

Which is why this comment was such a wake-up call.

Never had it occurred to me that embracing what I know, love, and am aesthetically drawn to, might actually be a more relevant (non)reaction than adopting any alluring fast-fashion fix.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good change.
’Cause change is good. Especially when it feels that way.

But change that brings more discomfort than pleasure is decidedly bad,
or at least not worth the $100 (+ styling products) that it would assuredly cost.

I know that there’s been a big backlash against “peacocking” lately, and that out-there aesthetics and crazy “concrete catwalk” looks are being belittled left and right.
In truth, I certainly do not agree with most of it.

But I do think that there’s something to be said for those able to find and stick with a particular style, despite the tumultuous landscape of trends (even if that is a “finely calibrated feline look”).
Not folding to “fall trends” or “March must-haves” is difficult, especially when we’re made to think that by maintaining our current aesthetic,
we’re essentially irrelevant. Out of touch. Backwards.

Now, I do think that there’s a big difference between those who naturally settle into a comfortable look, and those who unnaturally restrict themselves in order to strategically market a brand.
But that’s probably an issue for another post.

So for now, I’ll stick with the long hair.
At least until I discover another cut that suits me just as well.

‘Cause change can, per Sheryl’s savvy, do me good,
just so long as the zone I’m searching for is one of comfort, and not one of conformity.

Comments (4)

captains_tales on February 23
Awesome boots!
hazelkrisferrando on February 22
TPRBT on February 22
Wow~so Cute~!!!!
TheStyleRecord on February 22
super great look! you are gorgeous! +1
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