Pleather and Fur

Updated on Feb 15, 2013
dark brown vintage coat - dark gray Office shoes - black H&M hat
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Sarah_Colee 's Thoughts:

Do you remember the fur coat I mentioned in my previous post? Well, as you can see, I gave in to my compulsions and bought it. I thought I was buying a beautiful vintage synthetic fur coat, but when I brought it home I realised that it may actually be real fur. As a vegetarian, you’d think I’d be totally against it; however I’m not entirely sure where I stand on the issue. What do you think? Is it more ethical to wear vintage fur as opposed to new fur, or are they both a definitive no-go? You may call me a hypocrite, but in my opinion if an animal has been killed (I’m talking at least two decades ago) to create a product, such as a fur coat, then we may as well wear it and make the most of it, rather than hide it away forever. We may as well reuse and recycle fur garments rather than put them to waste, especially if a life has been lost to produce them. Albeit, this may just be my brain subconsciously attempting to justify my purchasing of the coat. On the other hand, I suppose fur is fur, no matter how old it is. I’m interested to hear your opinions, so please feel free to leave them below!

On a less serious note, I spent the day in Liverpool perusing the vintage shops and visiting the GLAM! exhibition at the Tate. If you haven’t been already and it is of access to you, then I’d highly recommend you see it while it’s still there. It explores glamour, celebrity culture and vanity of bygone times, through various mediums such as fashion, music, film and photography. I felt as though I’d stumbled into a wonderful transvestite-filled, glittery, fur-clad, lipstick-wearing time warp- and it certainly didn’t scrimp on the David Bowie imagery!

Whilst typing this post, I’ve come to the realisation that my outfit (well, the coat, shirt and skirt) all came to a total of less than £20. Now that’s what I call bargain hunting!

Hugs and kisses, Sarah xo

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curlybrain on March 21
amorphous_face on February 16
Everything is cool about this. You have a nice color hair.
priscillaraq on February 15
Nice outfit
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