back to black (ack)

Updated on Mar 04, 2009

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kate24 on April 18
I have that dress wear it great!! Thank you for the inspiration :-]
smilingjaws on March 11
The colors remind me of Silk Spectre. Love it. :)
catharticy on March 07
i just spent like the last hour reading as much of everything on your chicblog as i could without my eyeballs falling out honestly, i love your life and even though im still a junior in hs im hoping to be as good off as you are in the near future:)
EverybodyIsUgly on March 10
Gaah you're too kind!
inKARLcerating on March 06
omy! docs and blacks! im officially in love with u , Connie! more more! mwah
RepublicofHeaven on March 05
Aww, your photos are so cute. ^_^
lforlmr on March 05
love it
andbeyond on March 04
love this. esp the yellow
NASTYGAL on March 04
that second picture is lulz. COLOR YAY!!!
powderblue on March 04
I've been wearing loads of black too, especially on the weekends. Fail safe!
melephant13 on March 04
Love the pop of yellow! I have like the opposite problem. I think I wear too many colors...for some reason, I have a hard time wearing all black. It's just too overwhelming for me. But I hate how everyone looks so fantastic in all black ensembles while I have a weird fear of the "darkness".
eve on March 04
cute top
plastikneon on March 04
Love this!
Pink_Champagne on March 04
looks good tho! =)

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