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Updated on Feb 01, 2013
Sheinside blouse - Chanel bag - Jaymie Jewerly necklace - vintage skirt
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coeursdefoxes 's Thoughts:

o I’ve seen this blouse from SheInside on few other blogs earlier and I really wanted to own this, but I didn’t buy it tho. It’s because I thought I’m going to look fat wearing this. Maybe it’s because these roses are 3d what’s amazing and unique, but I thought it may look fat. I love it tho! And I got this, wore this I realised that I look really good and what’s more important- not fat, at all! It’s very cosy and very very soft. It’s so so wonderful. I feel good wearing this. What’s amazing about this? That fact it looks very elegant but you can wear it everywhere. It depends on you how you wear it and what you pick up. Another thing is that this blouse is black and I don’t have too many black clothes so it perfectly suits to my warderobe.
I also want to write about amazing story of heels I wear today. These are from 1980’ so these are really vintage. My great-grandmother rescued a Jewess during Second World War. My great-grandmother got a title Righteous Among the Nations. They also plant a memory tree in Jerusalem with name and surname of my great-grandmother. She kept contact with that Jewess lady till she died. This Jewess lady moved out to Australia and worked in shoes fabric there. She sent many shoes to my great-grandmother and also this one pair I wear today. These are very special for me. Unfortunatelly, my great-grandmother died two weeks after I was born so it was about 21 years ago. I don’t remember her. I only know she was very interesting person.. I’m sorry for my english but it was really hard to write in other language. I hope you guys understand it tho.

Comments (4)

jehanprouvaire on February 17
great skirt and pattern on your 3D jumper!!
katiecervantes on February 01
cute top!
ruberry_paisley on February 01
Cute :)
babette on February 01
hey princess i like it a lot and vote for you!
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