isabel marant Great or Gauche Platform Wedges

Updated on Jan 18, 2013
Isabel Marant boots
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Platform wedges are back to spice up your life sooner than we would have expected and despite the rumours that a reunion tour is simply NOT happening (thanks a lot, Victoria).If you want to know exactly when and where platform shoes originated it was by the Greeks during the 16th Century to heighten theatre actors, which is pretty cool. What’s even cooler,
Isabel Marant Bekket Wedge Sneakers In Red though, is how this shoe shape has an evident inability to be OUT of style. The platform’s formula for success is quite simple – it heightens as well as any heel but is way more comfortable, flatters legs of all shapes and lengths, and wears well with shorts, skirts and pants.What’s questionable about this season’s trendy variation on a classic shape
Isabel Marant Bobby Wedge Sneakers In Green is the return to a heftier heel, which Baby Spice had a penchant for wearing in 1996. It hasn’t been long enough since “Wannabe” to feel enormous nostalgia for massive wedge-wielding.Still, some designers are adding major cool-factors to this spring’s palette of wedge platforms – like bead work, prints,
Isabel Marant Bayley Wedge Sneakers In Navy straps and buckles – to prove that footwear can be pieces of wearable art. The bright-orange canvas pair by Stella McCartney (pictured below) are especially lovely, as they come to a delicate point at the toe and have a sling-back and moderate wedge heel – they’re like a holy trifecta of footwear.We can look past the weightier wedges and see the glory in moderate height, as seen in the three pairs we’ve chosen below, but we in the ‘Fashion + Beauty’ department do think this trend walks a fine line between “great” and “gauche”. Let us know your vote in the poll below!
Isabel Marant Dicker Suede Ankle Gray Boots

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