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Updated on Jan 17, 2013
black leather jacket - burnt orange boots - brown thrifted hat
Black-leather-jacket-burnt-orange-boots-brown-thrifted-hat Brown-thrifted-hat-burnt-orange-boots-black-leather-jacket Black-leather-jacket-burnt-orange-boots-brown-thrifted-hat Brown-thrifted-hat-burnt-orange-boots-black-leather-jacket Brown-thrifted-hat-burnt-orange-boots-black-leather-jacket
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_SERENITY_ 's Thoughts:

Hello everyone!!

Comments (45)

Melodic_Thrifty_Chic on March 27
Not sure how I missed this one! O_o o_O I love the jacket and boots! <3
_SERENITY_ on April 17
thanks a lot hun! <3 xx
sininanimikay on March 25
Amazing style. Everything is so beautiful and well put together.
_SERENITY_ on April 17
thank you so much pretty <3 xx
shoeaholic on March 11
Love this outfit! You look so amazing! Everything is beautiful!
_SERENITY_ on March 12
thank you honey<3 xx
amorphous_face on March 06
I want those boots. I have got to get a pair of burgandy boots. I used to have a pair and they seemed to go with everything. Also love your signature hat.
_SERENITY_ on March 12
oh thank you so much darling<3 xx
miaamos on March 05
WAUU i love this look!!!the skirt is so beautiful with the boots and matching bag!!!ONE OF YOUR BESTS DEAR!FAVED
_SERENITY_ on March 12
wow thanks a lot sugar :D xx
somolicek on February 26
You look amazing!!!!
lustigerini on February 20
Awww lovely shoes and bag colors, nice combined too dear. You look stylish as always dear +1 voted :)
_SERENITY_ on March 12
thank you soo much lovely<3 xx
folle_femme on February 20
So, so chic! Again I'm really loving the skirt! :)
RJanine on February 11
you look great! your skirts are always lovely! <3
_SERENITY_ on February 13
thank you pretty<3 xx
TPRBT on February 03
So natural~
CHiBiCHiC on January 31
You look amazing! Love the skirt
_SERENITY_ on February 02
thanks doll :D xx
arraabella on January 29
Very chic and sophisticated! I love that jacket with a fur! Missing the cold season because of this! The skirt is also fab! Voted chic! :)
_SERENITY_ on February 02
oh thank you so much darling<3 xx
DearestLou on January 28
voted! love your thrifted skirt! you should totally link up to my thriftfanatic thursdays (;
_SERENITY_ on January 29
thanks a lot darling<3 xx
MsMM on January 28
Beautiful printed skirt stands out amongst other color blocking. Love the different texture of the fur collar. Vintage classy. Voted :)
_SERENITY_ on January 29
wow thank you so much sweetie<3 xx
MidwesternButterfly on January 24
Your printed skirt is lovely. I am always inspired by your style! The colors you used are so rich and beautiful :)
_SERENITY_ on January 25
aww thank you so much darling<3 xx
ChicagoChic on January 24
Chic! +1
mitzicocoa on January 24
OH man! This is so good! The skirt and boots together are stunning on you, darling!
_SERENITY_ on January 25
thanks a lot babe <3 xx
lilyvalley16 on January 23
you're such a sweetie! this outfit definitely matches your personality! I'm loving your vintage bag and the colors you chose to put this look together:)
_SERENITY_ on January 25
wow thank you soo much sweetie<3 xx
maryiangge on January 23
cute jacket!
Ramona_C on January 23
Oh, Darling you look so super chic in this look. Midi skirt, hat and fur collar are fabulous details to this all look.
_SERENITY_ on January 23
thank you so much honey<3 xx
City2City on January 23
I looove the skirt, so pretty!!! Voted hun :))) +1
_SERENITY_ on January 23
thank you lovely<3 xx
natyponders on January 22
the skirt has beautiful floral print and colors. I like the midi length too.
_SERENITY_ on January 23
thank you soo much darling<3 xx
mindy13579 on January 22
I love the whole look!!
elsal on January 22
super cute fur collar and beautiful midi skirt! You look sooo adorable with that hat <3 <3
_SERENITY_ on January 22
thank you so much honey<3 xx
enigmasupernova on January 20
the whole look is perfect dear! love every pieces esp the jacket & skirt. i miss you heaps.
_SERENITY_ on January 21
thank you pretty<3 xx
thriftqueen on January 20
lovely:) especially the fur collar:)
lovestheday on January 18
KellyJoy on January 18
lovely outfit, the accessories really make the look even more chic:)
_SERENITY_ on January 19
thanks a lot dear :D xx
Elekon_Chic_Boutique on January 18
this is so romantic! I love this length of skirt on you, beautiful print too! very chic!xx
_SERENITY_ on January 19
thank you pretty<3 xx
bellekelle on January 18
So cute! I love floral styles in winter months. You have such a good eye for colours too! +1
_SERENITY_ on January 19
thanks a lot baby<3 xx
Stilettoe_Diva on January 18
Your leather jacket look so cool and you are smart to add on the fur stole. Looks like they're meant to be for each other! =D
_SERENITY_ on January 19
oh thank you so much honey<3 xx
JustWeeJo on January 18
What a lovely funky and retro look. Love how you compliment modern and vintage and I really want that fur collar. :) xx
_SERENITY_ on January 19
thanks doll :D xx
stellapnp on January 18
oh dear this is so hippie!! amazing hat and print on your skirt!! gorgeous color on your bag and boots!! great jacket and scarf too!! perfect colors!! faved!!
_SERENITY_ on January 19
oh thank you so much darling<33 xx
CzarinaAnonuevo on January 18
i miss your posts dear! as always, you look so chic here! this is your signature style, vintage with modern touches!! LOVE it! thanks for checking out my look after a century of not posting, haha! :)
_SERENITY_ on January 18
ohh thanks a lot baby<3 xx
lexilu on January 17
Lovely vintage look
Marierhanna on January 17
Loving the burgundy bag and boots.. Totally trendy colour!
_SERENITY_ on January 18
thank you hun :D xx
FashionTrendsMore on January 17
pretty skirt!
imperfectidealist on January 17
oh, I love the little bow detail on your chic red bag! perfect winter vintage look--I love your skirt and boots!
_SERENITY_ on January 18
thank you so much pretty<3 xx
curlybrain on January 17
I would like to find a detachable fur collar like yours it looks so chic on that jacket..This whole vintage outfit is absolutely inspiring .. love the hat.. the boots and the bag are perfectly match as well as the tights.. Wonderful floral skirt and I love the color of your sweater...The owl pendant is amazingly adorable i love it so much as well as your ring.. I love vintage accessories..I
_SERENITY_ on January 18
aww thank you so much darling<3 xx
curlybrain on January 17
I love this look so much voted and fave.. mwahhh
Ajer on January 17
this is super cute! i love the faux fur of the jacket, the skirt makes the outfit very romantic and the red purse and anckle boots add that chic touch! love love love the outfit dear! u always look beautiful! +1
cecilej on January 17
awesome collar! it's so so pretty!
_SERENITY_ on January 17
thanks hun :D xx
IonelaMaican on January 17
i've seen that collar before :) - so it's detachable :) It looks wonderful with the leather jacket!
_SERENITY_ on January 17
yes, it's detachable :D thanks a lot dear! xx
rhemel on January 17
Great! Voted!
iamhk on January 17
Cute skirt;)
ErinD on January 17
Wow! This is loveley, hon! Cute skirt!
_SERENITY_ on January 17
thanks hun ;D xx
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