Leather and Lace

Updated on Jan 14, 2013
black leather pleated asos skirt
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This past weekend I took a quick trip up to Boston to spend time with my best friend and her new husband. They are coming up on their first year anniversary and I was so excited to see her in her new role as wife; she has it pretty much nailed down and I’m so proud of her. I remember when we would gush over our mutual love for Justin Timberlake — Oh how things have changed! Things are a little bit different now but we still make room for gush talk…there is always room to gush over JT. Three days in Boston wasn’t nearly enough to see all my friends and family I left behind when I moved to Florida but it was no nice to spend a few days in the city that I will always call home.

When packing for this trip I definitely wanted to make sure I packed something that was weather appropriate and chic but this can be sometimes difficult with New England weather being very temperamental. I ended up packing based on how I felt the morning of my flight which was a little fierce. So I tapped into my inner curvy rocker and voila — my outfit of the day — a fusion of toughness and sweetness. I love it! I scored this fabulous pleated leather mini skirt on sale at ASOS (say word). It was worth every penny and I definitely will be putting it to good use. I get so excited about investment pieces like this. These are items that are usually one of a kind and may cost a little more than what you bargained for but are purchased with the knowledge that it’s place in your closet has more worth; you know you will get a lot more wear out of it compared to how much you paid. It’s elementary my dear Watson. Let’s say a skirt or a blazer you really want costs $120. Divide 120 by the amount of times you plan on wearing that item in a year. So if you estimate about 10 times a year that skirt only costs you about $12 per wear. Totally worth it!

Wisely purchased investment pieces are like listening to one of your favorite songs; you don’t mind listening or in this case wearing it over and over again. Every time you hear that song you might discover something new and different about it — same with a great investment piece. You will be able to discover new looks as you style it with what’s already in your wardrobe. That’s what I intend to do with this fabulous gold nugget of leather awesomeness. Other purchase worthy investment pieces are shoes, handbags/luggage, scarves, blazers and jewelry.

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Ninini on June 25
Can I have the skirt please
byWoodsandWater on June 25
You are so pretty! I love the all black with the pop of pink, you look wonderful!
fernandafgm on January 15
Amazing outfit! I LOVE it!
winniethefashionista on January 14
You rock that lace! :)
mercik on January 14
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