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Updated on Feb 23, 2009
Urban Outfitters dress - H&M socks - BCBGirls shoes
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queenelizabeth 's Thoughts:

(title: what a random girl at school told me as I walked by her in high heels. Sage advice, hmm?)

So I got back from Austin on Saturday, which kind of sucked because the trip was amazing and then I had to go back to school and yucky cold weather and such. But I did end up doing a little shopping (and breaking my shopping ban, but oh well).

Austin has a ton of cool vintage stores, all of which have some really nice stuff that is slightly overpriced, but not enough that you can complain about it without sounding cheap. The stores themselves were amazing – every two seconds I would get distracted and go “Oh look, lace/sequins/fur coat/biker jacket/high heels/pearls/old magazines/bleached jeans/etc!” (although that might say more about me and my short attention span.)

We went into this one AMAZING antiques store called Uncommon Object(s?), which was basically like a flea market or a collection of stalls from Portobello Road, condensed into a single store. Again, I was constantly distracted by incredible things all around me, and was really tempted to by a 1920’s-era razor, a pair of bronzed baby booties, a set of perfume bottles, and tons of other completely unnecessary things. Since I’m a cheapskate, I ended up getting some old photographs for $1 to $2 each, as a sort of souvenir. (Those are in the next post.)

I also went to Target and (finally) found a pair of nice, basic, shiny black pumps. With a 5-inch heel. I’m still breaking them in, aka learning how to walk in them. Funny thing – each time I buy a pair of high heels, they’re half an inch taller than the previous pair.
Oh and I also got some pants from the kids’ section which I was too lazy to model for the camera. They look cooler in real life, and I guess you’ll see them on a real person eventually, if I keep them. I have to decide whether they’re worth the money ($15) or if the real reason I bought them was for the novelty of wearing something from the kids’ section.

One final note – if you’re in or around Austin with a big group of people and nothing to do, go to Blazer Tag – “the largest laser tag arena in Texas”. IT IS SO MUCH FUN.

Comments (11)

superniknok on August 19
cata_c on February 25
the sockssss!!
Ollieliver108 on February 24
yay! you kept the dress!
districtofchic on February 24
I've heard the shopping (and music scene) is amazing. I need to go sometime!
kdolph17 on February 24
socks rock
Pink_Champagne on February 24
i love those shoes! glad u had a nice trip! =)
nonorientable on February 23
love it!
megz29_29 on February 23
very cute dress! I love it with the socks!
warmpjs on February 23
I love the dress!
taylorlbee on February 23
The dress is so cute! The pumps are nice, I love the shiny-ness. The pants look nice too, you should keep them.
vro on February 23
I love your dress, it has a great shape and pockets! The pumps look really classy and I can immagine it is really hard to walk in them! The pants are very cute, you should wear them in the next post that we can help you to make a decision about keeping them or not ;-)
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