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Updated on Dec 16, 2012
black Vince Camuto boots - black Zara jacket - black Target bag
Black-vince-camuto-boots-black-zara-jacket-black-target-bag Black-vince-camuto-boots-black-zara-jacket-black-target-bag Black-vince-camuto-boots-black-zara-jacket-black-target-bag Black-vince-camuto-boots-black-zara-jacket-black-target-bag Black-vince-camuto-boots-black-zara-jacket-black-target-bag
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mymannersandmoxie 's Thoughts:

Getting into the swing of things when you’re back from vacation is always difficult. Mexico already seems far away but tis the season & whatnot so there are plenty of sparkly goings on to keep be busy. Maybe I won’t even notice it’s not 80 degrees & sunny in San Francisco? Doubtful but I’ll survive. Well before heading on my little vaca I met up with my fabulous friend and fellow blogger Jennifer from Just Add Glam for a fun girls night. Make sure to check her out when you have a chance! We had dinner at Beretta then went out for some cocktails. While I didn’t get to take any pictures that night (the whole getting dark at 3pm BS I loved the look and I wanted to share so voila!

Going out in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco I wanted to dress up for girls night but with a more arty feel. Overall the area has a hipster and relaxed vibe so while I abstained from glitter a cool statement necklace was just fine. This particular one I bought on the streets of NYC when I wore it for the first time in this post here.

I’ve had this skirt in my closet a while and have been jonesing to wear it. It’s made of such cool material and while sexy it has a sporty feel that’s trendy now. Considering our evening plans pairing it with anything too girly or frilly wouldn’t have felt right. That’s why I went with this top since it has a sweatshirt feel to it. I’m actually loving this rusty color as of late and find myself gravitating towards it whenever it can be found. What’s your favorite separate or color lately?

Now onto these fabulous booties! I’ve been in search or some black suede booties and found these a while back. Due to the stupidness of my feet shoe shopping is always an adventure so I was thrilled when these fit! I love the suede and leather printed detailing giving them more interest. They are wonderfully comfortable and the platform isn’t too high. I’ve been wearing them so much I may need another pair before the end of the season!

Adding some favorite jewelry pieces along with this great clutch & jacket finished off my look for the night. While I wore this for a girls night I’d also wear it over the Holiday season. The colors are unexpected and will break up the sea of red, green, black and shiny hehe. What do you think of this? Would you wear it out with a friend or on a date? I’m sure these particular pieces will be making the rounds over the coming months but whether they’ll be together or separate remains to be seen.

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initialedt on December 17
nice skirt
mymannersandmoxie on February 17
Thank you!
LaBlancheNoire on December 16
mymannersandmoxie on February 17
Thanks so much!
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