8 Must-Try Winter Trends

Updated on Dec 12, 2012
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2012 is inching towards its end, and you know what else is? Fall! Yes folks, December 21 is the first day of winter, and in case you haven’t noticed, you are getting colder. Some people simply love fall, but depending on where you live, not a lot of people feel quite so warmly when it comes to winter. Whereas fall is lighter and gives way to clever peek-a-boo layering, winter is generally known for forcing us to bulk on and buck up.

Well, we’re here to tell you that while winter isn’t quite so fun as fall or cheery as spring, don’t let the bleak weather put a damper on your style. All it takes is a few added ext\ras to your closet and you’re fashionably ready for whatever the coldest season throws at you. So are you ready to hear all about them? Ahead, we cover the 8 winter trend items you need to keep the season’s cheer going all winter long.

1. The Statement Coat. Everyone has a sturdy black coat, and maybe you even have a peacoat in a classic camel. Those are fine and dandy, but this season has seen a surge in stellar coats in fun prints and colors. Let your outwear be a part of your outfit, at least for one day a week or so. You’d be surprised how much wear you can get out of a forest green coat, or a coat in a gorgeous tapestry material.

2. The Chelsea Boot. When the going gets tough, the tough get boots. And this season, skip the Uggs for another practical but way more stylish option – the chelsea boot. With a straightforward and streamlined shape, the chelsea boot is practical and versatile enough to carry you all through the season, and it doesn’t skip style in lieu of comfort.

3. The Statement Belt. Belts are those little accessories that tend to be overlooked, but if think about it, any item with ability to create a waist shouldn’t overlooked. We saw the belt trend shift from wide and thick to simple and skinny, and we’re excited to see belts come front and center again in statement colors and styles. We’re particularly excited to see them placed over outerwear as they were in the Burberry Fall/Winter 2012 runway show. What an easy way to spice up a winter coat!

4. The Beanie. Purveyors of the comfy would call this a silly trend, but there’s no denying that the beanie’s been lent some major cool factor for the cooler months. Ladies who can’t pull off floppy hats, rejoice.

5. The Cocoon Coat. Harkening back to the 60s just like many recent trends we can thank Mr. Marc Jacobs for, the 60s style coat is as now as it was then.

*6. The Patterned Socks. Create a point of interest with some peek-a-boo action on your ankles – patterned socks! What we love about this trend is that this one comes cheap…even Marie Claire Associate Market Editor and street style star Preetma Singh readily admits she gets hers from Target.

7. The Statement Tights. Tights are a winter no-brainer, but try them in an exciting print or color and you’ve taken them from practical piece to statement piece. We particularly love them in deep seasonal hues like oxblood, navy, and forest green.

8. The Parka. A more rugged, utilitarian coat style, when trends come and go we’ll always be reaching for our winter-ready military parkas for warmth, comfort, and grungy juxtaposition.

Now tell us – what are you excited about wearing this winter?

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