10 Essentials for Your Holiday Clutch

Updated on Dec 12, 2012
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There are two times of year when it’s pretty hard to get a hold of practically anyone…summertime, and the holiday season. Everyone is celebrating the holiday season with festive events, fancy dinners and holiday parties. But between normal life, doing laundry, and getting groceries (those thing still have to happen!), finding time to actually get ready can sometimes be difficult.

That said, the last thing you want to do is have to switch over the contents of your carry-all to your evening clutch, but eventually it has to happen. Sadly, a lot of us are pretty heavy purse packers – like turtles, we manage to carry almost our entire houses in our bags. And while a giant, Olsen-esque bag is perfectly acceptable for the daytime, it’s a bit awkward for holiday parties and other evening activities. If you’ve ever struggled to trim you bag down to a pint sized clutch, we’re going to tell what the 10 evening bag essentials are – and everything else you can leave out.

1. The Cards and a Bit of Cash. You know how American Express always says “never leave home without it?” That’s a cute trademark and all, but that goes for any these cards – your ID, your credit card, and your debit card. Anything else can be left behind for the night, so no need to stuff your whole wallet into your clutch. if you can, put these valuable cards into an inside pocket that zips, and if you have a money clip, even better. Don’t forget to stash a bit of cash, just in case.

2. The Phone. Another no-brainer, your phone is most likely your phone, navigation system, and camera. In the clutch it goes.

3. The Killer Lipstick. Normally, I pack a modest makeup bag in my carry-all, but the problem is my makeup bag is about the size of a small clutch. Some may disagree, but to me the most powerful piece in my makeup bag is my killer red lipstick. You’ll definitely want to have it and a 4. small concealer pen for touch ups. If your secret weapon is your eyeliner, you might want to pack your 5. liquid liner as well or instead of lipstick.

6. The Tide To Go Pen. There’s no moment like that when you drop fondue on your freshly dry cleaned holiday dress. Tide To Go pens aren’t as perfect as the commercials claim, but at least you can begin to get that pesky stain out. This piece I recommend leaving in that clutch – for some reason your Tide To Go pen is never in the right bag when you need it.

7. The Bandaids. For the horrible feeling – and cuts – that sometimes come with breaking in new shoes. Since clutches vary in size, if you’re carrying a larger version, I’d also recommend a pair of 8. roll-up ballet flats.

9. Bobby Pins. A well-done up-do can still come undone, so be sure to throw a few bobby pins in your clutch so you can pull yourself back together. These are another thing that should just live in your clutch – they’re inexpensive and take up no room.

10. Blotting Paper. Compacts get messy and in the world of clutches, are actually rather bulky, but we wouldn’t want you to look shiny in your holiday photos! Instead, we recommend a small packet of blotting paper to keep your face clean and shine free throughout the evening.

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