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Updated on Dec 10, 2012
quilted olive River Island coat - blue skinny River Island jeans
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jackb95x 's Thoughts:

Here’s me looking a bit worse for wear. I only had three hours sleep last night, hence why I’m so cantankerous-looking. Anyways, I’m practically sponsored by River Island. I needed this quilted olive coat to battle the cold (considering it’s London, it’s a very tough battle). And the jacket underneath I managed to salvage from a charity shop in Hornchurch! It had ‘RI 1989’ on the label inside the collar, so I’m not sure if they were trying to pay homage to the late-80s with this varsity jacket or if it is indeed an actual jacket from 1989! If it is the latter, I’m thrilled because I love vintage 80s statement pieces! To complement this, I added a pair of River Island stretch skinny jeans and a pair of incredibly urban Air Max 1s! I have far too many trainers. I need to invest in some sophisticated shoes like a handy pair of brogues or Dr Martens. Time to make some new additions to my Christmas list…

By the way, just to clarify, the varsity jacket and the jeans aren’t corresponding shades as it looks in the photo. It’s due to the effect on Photoshop. The jacket is a faded denim (almost grey) and the jeans are bright blue with a mid-wash. I wouldn’t commit the crime of wearing double denim with similar shades…

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jackb95x on December 11
Thank you :)
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